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Fig. 4  A Titan container, Roy Irani

Efficient transport modes for the fracking industry Subscription

2 Apr 2014 | By Dr Roy S Irani

Fracking and natural gas have been such common words in recent forums and the gas receptacle world has not been left out. If anything, both the gas cylinder and automotive industries have been preparing for this ‘green’ fuel alternative for several decades and have considered not only the output post the fracking process – compressed natural gas (CNG) – but also hydrogen as potential future fuels.

Keith Stewart

Cryogenic valves for an evolving LNG industry Subscription

5 Feb 2014 | By Keith Stewart

As one of the first cryogenic service providers to enter the LNG industry, it’s well over a decade since Herose started supplying valves for LNG applications.

Welding health and safety

Future bright as new year in welding begins Subscription

8 Jan 2014 | By Jim Guild

The future of welding is closely linked to the manufacturing industry, which is currently showing no signs of real growth. There are many issues in the macro-environment to deal with, but welding remains a challenging and exciting industry to be in as 2014 unfolds.

Michael Blondin, VRV

Lean and green in cryogenic distribution Subscription

2 Oct 2013 | By Michael Blondin

Let’s face it, there is almost no product differentiation in industrial gas. In today’s ultra- competitive market, with tight margins and pressure to optimise operational efficiencies, increasing productivity in distribution and reducing the carbon footprint has never been more important.

Keith Stewart

Setting standards in the LNG industry Subscription

28 Aug 2013 | By Keith Stewart

Fuelling ships in the Nordic regions; shale gas fields in the US; vehicle use across the globe; an energy resource to power major cities in China and other developing countries - these are just some of the applications which demonstrate the incredible scope and breadth of the LNG industry.

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business stats screen finance

CO2: What potential of possible BASF-Yara JV? Subscription

18 Oct 2013 | By Rob Cockerill

With the news that BASF and Yara are evaluating a possible joint venture into a world-scale ammonia plant in the US, it is clear that both companies are keen to further strengthen their respective operations in the region.

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CONCOA, IntelliSwitch 11 Install

CONCOA appoints new sales manager

22 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Radnedge

Continuing to increase its presence worldwide in gas pressure and flow control systems for the industrial, specialty, and medical gas arenas, CONCOA has named Damion Angell as Sales Manager for CONCOA Europa, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Business deal merger handshake

Plug Power and Hyundai in deal

22 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Radnedge

The companies have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a fuel cell joint venture – targeting the developing Asian market.

Hydrogen pump green fuel

Linde “exclusive” hydrogen supplier

22 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Radnedge

The company has announced that it will be the exclusive hydrogen supplier for the Shell Eco-marathon held in Houston later this week.

Air Products hydrogen pipeline

Hydrogen off-gas processing agreement expanded

18 Apr 2014 | By Rob Cockerill

Set to complement its Gulf Coast pipeline supply, Air Products has announced a long-term agreement with Enterprise Products Operating LLC to expand the hydrogen supply relationship between the two companies.

Carbon dioxide CO2 green

SCCS resource puts CCS on the map

18 Apr 2014 | By Rob Cockerill

Independent research partnership SCCS has relaunched a key resource for anyone with an interest in carbon capture and storage (CCS), in the shape of its Global CCS Map.

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