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Adamo screnci – McPHY ENERGY – June 2015

Hydrogen – The green key to renewables Subscription

3 Jun 2015 | By published in gasworld magazine, Adamo Screnci

The good news is that more and more energy from renewable sources is being produced every day. The bad news is that far too much of it is wasted. In the ‘use it or lose it’ energy game, intermittent renewable energy (IRR) is suffering. Enter hydrogen – when produced ‘greenly’ it can turn the game around.

Editor Rob C.jpg

Just crystal ball gazing? Subscription

12 May 2015 | By Rob Cockerill

French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher of science Jules Henri Poincaré once stated, “It is far better to foresee even without certainty, than not to foresee at all.” That resonates with me today in Budapest, for very different reasons.

Editor Rob C.jpg

Business in a bipolar market Subscription

11 May 2015 | By Rob Cockerill

Several years ago when writing about the US market I asked – when you’re way out in front, where is there to go? It may not be quite the same question facing Europe, but a similar conundrum exists in the region – how to realise the next wave of growth?

Toby Peters, Dearman

Cold – The new hot topic Subscription

30 Apr 2015 | By published in gasworld magazine, Toby Peters

Cold has long been the Cinderella of the energy debate, but that might just be changing. Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director of Dearman, argues that the challenge is now to turn growing awareness into action and that the international gas industry has an opportunity to play a leading role in the emerging clean cold industry.

Keith Stewart

Small-scale LNG – Evolving, evolved, or on the crest of a wave? Subscription

29 Apr 2015 | By Keith Stewart, published in gasworld magazine

Just two years ago the demand for LNG was almost unsustainable as new energy applications were being developed and the price against oil was favourable for this alternative energy source. Keith Stewart reflects on how this market has changed.

Letter from the Editor


American Chemical Society urges more science investment

29 Jun 2015 | By JJ Koczan

The American Chemical Society calls on government officials to make reliable investments in science enterprise.

Latest news

Dollar Euro currency financial

Exclusive interview with Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh

30 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Radnedge

There are many occasions when the Phoenix from the flames, in ancient mythology, is used to accurately describe the unpredictable rise of a company. This couldn’t be more true a description of Plug Power. Stuart Radnedge discovers why.

Dollar currency finance business

Air Products operating margin at 25-year high

30 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Radnedge

Net income of $359m up 14% when compared to previous year but third quarter sales are down 6% to $2.47bn during the same comparable period.

Business papers finance

Objective maintained for Air Liquide

30 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Radnedge

For the first half of 2015, sustained sales and earnings growth has ensured that Air Liquide has maintained its objective set out at the start of the year . The company has confidence this will be the same throughout the remainder of this year.

Lincoln Electric UltraCore HD Marine

Lincoln offers new consumable designed for shipbuilding

31 Jul 2015 | By JJ Koczan

Lincoln’s new electrode offers improved operator appeal over existing HD products through lower spatter and lower fume generation rates.

Africa financial analysis Euro

A ‘fresh take’ on food from Air Products

31 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Radnedge

Air Products South Africa’s food technologist reveals the secrets to her success as an ambassador for MAP – the critical component to ensuring quality of fresh packaged food.


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