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  • AGC Instruments logoAGC Instruments Ltd (Head Office)

    AGC Instruments is a leading manufacturer of Total Gas Analysis Solutions (based on Gas Chromatography and Gas Analyser systems) targeting Industrial/Specialty/Electronic/Bulk Gas Producers and the Air Separation markets. We offer customized solutions based on customers’ requirement.

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  • Ambra LogoAMBRA SISTEMI S.r.l.

    AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. works principally in the medical, ultra pure, pure and technical gases production and distribution world.

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  • ASCO logoAsco Carbon Dioxide Ltd (Head Office)

    ASCO is a provider of complete CO2 and dry ice solutions with customers worldwide. The product range includes CO2 production plants, CO2 stack gas and CO2 by-product recovery plants, dry ice blasting units, dry ice production machines (blocks, pellets, reformer), CO2 cylinder filling systems, CO2 vaporisers, CO2 storage tanks, CO2 dosing systems for water neutralisation and various other CO2 and dry ice equipment.

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  • Baseline MoconBaseline, Inc.

    Setting the standard in gas analysis, Baseline® offers a comprehensive product line for measuring trace impurities in both specialty and industrial gases.

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  • Cambridge Sensotec logoCambridge Sensotec Limited (Head Office)

    Cambridge Sensotec is an ISO 9001 accredited company, specialising in the manufacture of high precision gas analysers.

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  • ConsciCONSCI Ltd. (Consolidated Sciences)

    With its state-of-the-art laboratory facility located in Pasadena, Texas, Consolidated Sciences can supply a wide range of laboratory services.

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  • dansensor-logo-gas_worldDansensor

    Dansensor – a MOCON company
    Dansensor A/S is a Danish manufacturer of quality control and quality assurance equipment for the food industry and other industries using protective gas atmospheres.

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  • DeMaCo LogoDemaco Holland bv

    Demaco is a specialist in Cryogenic Infrastructures. The value-adding contribution of Demaco consists of design, detail engineering, manufacturing, testing and installation of vacuum insulated transfer lines, valve boxes and control systems for liquefied gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, LNG, Helium and Hydrogen.

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  • Enmet CorporationEnmet Corporation

    ENMET manufactures hazardous gas detection products for health, safety and medical applications, ranging from compressed air line monitors to portable detectors and continuous multi-channel fixed systems.

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  • GOW MAC logoGOW-MAC Instrument Co. (Head Office)

    Manufacturer of GCs, gas analyzer packages and custom specialty gas handling equipment for user-specified industrial and laboratory gas applications.

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