Monday, 29 August 2016

Huate Gas

Huate is one of largest private-owned specialty gas and equipment suppliers in China with 13 subsidiaries. Huate raised from an industrial gas distributor, strengthen through specialty gases development, backing up by strong gas equipment growth.

Huate R&D center is formed by a group of elite chemists and engineers. Ultra High Purity grade fluorocarbons have been wildly used in semiconducting industries manufacturing. We divide our products into four main sectors:

Industry Gas:  Ar, N2, .

Specialty Gas : He CO, H2, CH4, C2H4,SO2, SF6. ...

Electronic Gas: CF4 C2F6 C3F8 C4F8 CHF3 .NH3..

Gas Equipment : liquid cylinder , vaporizer..

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  • Address Huate Gas
    the Mid. Road of Jiancaicheng
  • Town/City, State/County Haidian Dist, Beijing
  • Country People's Republic of China
  • ZIP/Postcode 528241
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