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BOC and SSI UK celebrate UK’s largest deal

3 Jul 2015 12:38 GMT

Senior Directors and staff from BOC and SSI UK joined local business leaders and other dignitaries at a ceremony at BOC’s Teesside site today to mark the start of a 15-year supply agreement between the two companies.

Cryogas Express trek to Nairobi.

Johannesburg’s Cryogas Express takes new direction

3 Jul 2015 16:16 GMT

Onelogix United Bulk has become the majority shareholder after successfully acquiring shares in Johannesburg-based Cryogas Express.


McPhy and CNR develop carbon-free projects

3 Jul 2015 14:46 GMT

In conjunction with a visit of the French President to the Lyon port terminal for an event on green hydrogen, McPhy Energy and CNR Energie have announced a partnership to jointly develop this new industrial sector and support energy transition.


Research highlights pollution from transport refrigeration

3 Jul 2015 12:00 GMT

Analysis undertaken by Dearman, the clean cold technology company, has highlighted the environmental impact that transport refrigeration units could be having on the UK’s urban streets.

Air Liquide and Shandong Fangyuan signing longterm contract

Air Liquide signs ASU deal in China

2 Jul 2015 20:22 GMT

Air Liquide announces a longterm contract with Shandong Fangyuan, China’s leading privately owned copper smelter and one of the world’s largest copper producers.


Green-light for Energiepark Mainz

2 Jul 2015 15:17 GMT

The Energiepark Mainz has been officially inaugurated today, which is being operated as a JV between Stadtwerke Mainz, Linde, Siemens and the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

France map

Ghasemi “horrified and saddened” after France attack

1 Jul 2015 16:33 GMT

The Chairman and CEO of Air Products has expressed words of sympathy for the victim of the attack but also praised those that assisted during Friday’s incident.

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Sam Thomas - July 2015

Going full circle at Chart Industries, Inc. Subscription

Chart Industries Chairman, President and CEO Sam Thomas discusses the evolution of the company throughout the decades and doing business in a fluctuating energy market.

Nodding donkey – June 2015

Scraping the bottom of the barrel – refinery hydrogen Subscription

The falling price of oil will likely see the term ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ take on a whole new significance, as will the increasing exploration of tight oil formations. For hydrogen, often descibed as the key

Pills paracetamol drugs

A landmark in ‘legal highs’ Subscription

A new Bill by the UK Government will tackle the trend for new psychoactive substances, including the increasing abuse of nitrous oxide.

business analysis financial stats

Regional markets: Global update Subscription

Economic headwinds continue to test the robust nature of the global industrial gases business, whether through unfavourable ccurrency impacts, the decline in oil and natural gas prices, or lower economic activity – there has been pressure on the industry over the last 12 months.

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six materials for 3 d printing

A Novice’s Guide to 3D Printing Subscription

Few manufacturing news stories get picked up by the mainstream media, let alone make it to the cover of The Economist magazine, which called 3D printing the “Third Industrial Revolution.”

turbocam technician

The Role of Industrial Gases in 3D Printing of Metal Parts Subscription

Additive manufacturing is transforming manufacturing as we know it, dramatically speeding up the process from initial design to manufactured piece. Parts that used to take weeks to create are now being created in just days.

photo courtesy of space x

SpaceX — Pushing the Boundaries of Additive Manufacturing Subscription

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) ( designs, manufactures, and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk to revolutionize space transportation, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

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gi uhp filling facility

What are Ultra High Purity Hydrocarbons? Subscription

One Question Begs Another: What Are You Looking For? This feature from Ashley Madray has the answers.

red ball oxygen spec lab36

Red Ball Oxygen Continues Success in Specialty Gas Marketplace Subscription

Red Ball Oxygen is the latest subject of a Specialty Gas Report Profile - written by T.J. Houpes.

spec master inline regs jm image new 3 18 15

Selecting and Implementing the Best Gas Delivery System Subscription

Optimizing High Purity and Instrumentation Applications is addressed by John Henderson with Stuart Morgan

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Regional markets - January 2015

Regional markets: Focus on North America

By Rob Cockerill

A period of transition - so often a phrase used in sporting narrative or to describe the passage of time a team or club finds itself in. This is also an apt description of the North American industrial gases business in recent years.


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Toby Peters, Dearman

Cold – The new hot topic Subscription

30 Apr 2015

Cold has long been the Cinderella of the energy debate, but that might just be changing. Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director of Dearman, argues that the challenge is now to turn growing awareness into action and that the international gas industry has an opportunity to play a leading role in the emerging clean cold industry.


hill pheonix

The US Merchant CO2 Report Subscription

1 May 2015

The US Merchant CO2 Report - Expanding Opportunities in Refrigeration, is the topic of this feature written by Maura D. Garvey

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gi uhp filling facility

What are Ultra High Purity Hydrocarbons? Subscription

1 May 2015

One Question Begs Another: What Are You Looking For? This feature from Ashley Madray has the answers.

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