Saturday, 13 February 2016

Water recycling station green

Pure O2 solutions for water treatment from Air Products

12 Feb 2016 9:12 GMT

Air Products South Africa has unveiled its new oxygen (O2) based technologies, which provide effective solutions to increase treatment capacity of existing water treatment plants.

hypertherm plasma theory kit

Hypertherm opens 2016 “Spark Something Great” grant applications

10 Feb 2016 19:52 GMT

After a successful first run in 2015, Hypertherm opens 2016’s “Spark Something Great” educational initiative for applications. Schools and other industrial programs can apply until April 1.

vici pdd d3

VICI streamlines gas chromatography with new pulsed discharge detector

12 Feb 2016 16:10 GMT

VICI’s Pulsed discharge detector Model D-3-1-HP is optimized for trace level work and utilizes the electronics and power supply of the host GC.

Nitrogen sign

Hydrotechnik launches new N2 gas charging kit

12 Feb 2016 16:03 GMT

Hydrotechnik UK, a test and measurement equipment manufacturer and distributor, has launched its new universal worldwide nitrogen (N2) gas charging kit for pneumatic or gaseous systems.

People paper

Linde US relocates to new headquarters

12 Feb 2016 13:39 GMT

Linde Americas, a member of the industrial gas and engineering company The Linde Group, has announced it is moving its US headquarters for North and South America.


Pfeiffer Vacuum releases new leak detector

11 Feb 2016 14:52 GMT

Pfeiffer Vacuum, a vacuum solutions provider based in Germany, has developed a new industrial leak detection solution, with the highest performance in helium (He) and hydrogen (H2).

Woikoski head office birds eye view

Woikoski awarded Finnish Key Flag symbol

11 Feb 2016 10:26 GMT

Woikoski, an industrial gas supply company, has been awarded the right to display the Key Flag symbol for its gases, in order to stress the Finnish origin of its products and services.

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Gas diving cylinders

Lost and found – Where are all of the cylinders going? Subscription

When Linde Canada Limited announced in August 2014 that it had identified nearly 2,000 cylinders that were previously considered lost or stolen, it drew attention to an often unspoken concern in the gases industry.

Helium gas tank

Helium: A market update Subscription

As has typically been the case, the helium business continues to be one of the more interesting sectors of the industrial gas business. Here, Phil Kornbluth provides an update on the helium market in 2016 and, potentially, beyond.

Linde Cylinder Caps

Advances in cylinder technology and testing Subscription

Where does one start in such a wide field? After all, we have been manufacturing and testing gas cylinders for over a hundred years…Here, GPS’s Dr. Roy S. Irani discusses the latest advances in cylinder technology and testing techniques.

Cylinders china flag and currency

The cylinder gas business in China Subscription

gasworld talks to various parties in the Chinese cylinder business to discuss its development and track the challenges that it faces going forward, including the need to improve both efficiencies and asset management.

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fabtech 2016 will be held nov. 16 18 in las vegas

FABTECH 2015: A CryoGas International Show Review Subscription

A look at the latest megatrends playing out in the welding and fabrication sectors at FABTECH 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

figure 1

US Industrial Gases in Manufacturing: Trends in Key Markets Subscription

Maura D. Garvey looks at the US economy, changes in manufacturing trends, and their affect on the gases industry.

when dr jeff levine founded applied cryogenics inc in 1981

From Fleets to Flutes: Cryogenic Treatment Subscription

Sarah O’Brien looks at the history and future of cryogenic treatment in a vast range of applications and examins the science behind the controversial process.

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photo courtesy of spacex

Growth Market for Gases in Manufacturing Subscription

Examining hot-button trends and the latest developments in the world of specialty gases in fabrication, whether it’s design and 3D printing or cylinder distribution.

laser cutting

Gas Opportunities in Welding, Cutting, and Metal Fabrication Subscription

Ray Borzio discusses gas applications related to the welding, cutting, and metal fabrication processes.

automation and software control

Automation Spurs Business Expansion into Rewarding New Markets Subscription

A Special Report from Weldcoa on Weiler Welding looks at the Dayton, Ohio-based distributorship’s growth since its launch in 1920.

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Australia financial analysis

Regional markets: Focus on South Pacific

By Rob Cockerill, published in gasworld magazine

A decidedly mixed market is in progress in the Asia-Pacific region, both economically and in terms of industrial gas drivers/applications. The double-digit growth in China has slowed and the outlook in Japan has been varied for some time; yet many emerging economies in the region still enjoy healthy growth.


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Toby Peters, Dearman

Cold – The new hot topic Subscription

30 Apr 2015

Cold has long been the Cinderella of the energy debate, but that might just be changing. Toby Peters, Senior Group Managing Director of Dearman, argues that the challenge is now to turn growing awareness into action and that the international gas industry has an opportunity to play a leading role in the emerging clean cold industry.


cryogas magazine

US Industrial Gas Market Report 2014 Subscription

1 Aug 2015

The recovery of the industrial gas business from 2012 through 2014 was strong, about six percent per year, driven by price and volume. The bright spots in the economy during this period included the manufacturing sector, a significant driver for the industrial gas industry.

Specialty Gas Report

Going from strength to strength

Specialty Gases – Going from Strength to Strength Subscription

3 Aug 2015

The specialty gases business of 2015 continues to go from strength to strength, both in its make-up and its growth potential. Several pillars of growth increasingly drive specialty gas demand, while innovations in production processes, engineering, equipment, and distribution have transformed the specialty gas business throughout the decades.

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