Wednesday, 25 May 2016

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Asset management tracking barcode

Asset management

gasworld’s June issue delves deeper into the world of asset management, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to cylinder tracking and telemonitoring. Combined with a regional focus on the emerging African market, and an exclusive supplement dedicated to Helium Sourcing and Technologies, gasworld has the prime promotional opportunities for you this month.

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Coming up in CryoGas International

Healthcare cost


In addition to being one of the most important applications, healthcare is also one of the most robust growth drivers today. CryoGas International’s June issue explores all things medical, from compliance to the continued momentum in homecare.

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Coming up in Specialty Gas Report

medical gases hospital


Often literally a matter of life or death, the importance of medical gases cannot be understated. Third quarter 2016 sees Specialty Gas Report get to grips with the latest specialty gas and equipment trends in pharmaceuticals and cryobiology, as well as composite cylinders in medical gas delivery and the role of xenon in medical applications.

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