Friday, 26 August 2016

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ASU the linde group

All about air gases

At the heart of the industrial gases business are the air gases, the bread and butter of gas production. This August gasworld gets to grips with air gas production technologies, from advances in air separation to small plant technologies.

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Coming up in CryoGas International

US flag

Devotion to distributors

August sees CryoGas International explore the trends in the US distributor business, against a backdrop of generational change, disruption caused by macroeconomic headwinds, and the overall opportunity for innovation brought about by both of these dynamics.

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Coming up in Specialty Gas Report

medical gases hospital


Often literally a matter of life or death, the importance of medical gases cannot be understated. Third quarter 2016 sees Specialty Gas Report get to grips with the latest specialty gas and equipment trends in pharmaceuticals and cryobiology, as well as composite cylinders in medical gas delivery and the role of xenon in medical applications.

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