Monday, 08 February 2016

Business deal merger

World's largest ASU relies on MAN compressor

Air Liquide, which is constructing the ASU, is opting for compressor technology from MAN Diesel & Turbo in the design of a new record Air Separation Unit in South Africa.


Whitton named Airgas northern California and Nevada President

Airgas names Matthew B. Whitton the President of its northern California & Nevada region, reporting to Douglas Jones – who is Presidents of Airgas west division.

Merger aquisition deal

BASF chooses Air Liquide expertise

A site at Freeport, Texas, has been chosen as a potential location for a world-scale methane-based propylene complex – which Air Liquide has been selected to assist with as a technology partner.


Shell opens LNG station in Rotterdam

Shell has opened its first LNG fuelling station in Rotterdam Waalhaven, the Netherlands, for trucks operating in Europe.

Working together merger and acquisition United States

FreezPak chooses Plug Power’s GenKey

FreezPak Logistics has selected Plug Power’s full-service GenKey solution for its new cold storage distribution centre freezer warehouse under construction in Carteret, New Jersey.

Electronics circuit board inspection

Breakthrough with helium-filled hard disk drive (HDD)

California-based hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturer HGST has taken the next step in data storage volumes with the 10 terabyte HDD, the world’s largest volume yet.

Toyota hydrogen car

Toyota calls for more hydrogen with FCV sales target

15 Jan 2016 | By Rhea Healy

Toyota Motor has announced its plans to sell more than 50,000 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) by the year 2025, generating an increased demand for hydrogen (H2) from the industrial gas industry.

David Cameron British prime minister

UK Government axes £1bn Carbon Capture and Storage Competition

13 Jan 2016 | By Rhea Healy

David Cameron has drastically cut £1bn of funding for the UK’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Commercialisation competition.

Doe visit to msp detectape

DetecTape™ identifies new leaks in the hydrogen industry

12 Jan 2016 | By Rhea Healy

One of the first reliable, low cost and easily portable leak detectors has hit the hydrogen market.


Dearman receives injection of investment

7 Jan 2016 | By Rob Cockerill

Clean cold and power technology company Dearman has announced that Park Vale Capital has committed to invest £16m ($23m) in the business.


Dearman receives injection of investment

Clean cold and power technology company Dearman has announced that Park Vale Capital has committed to invest £16m ($23m) in the business.

Compliance Business people discussing, charts, graphs, results of their successful teamwork

Air Products moves forward with business spin-off

Air Products has filed an initial Form 10* registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to move forward the previously announced spin-off of its Materials Technologies business.


Linde revolutionises gas injection moulding with the help of CO2

The Linde Group has transformed gas injection moulding (GIM) with a fresh shot of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Bread baking food and beverages

Linde unveils freezing solutions for par-baked goods

The Linde Group has unveiled a fresh take on freezing solutions to help preserve the demand for par-baked goods.

Helium conditioning equipment, DEMACO valve box

An introduction to...Helium conditioning equipment Subscription

Helium is well known as a lifting gas in party balloons, but it has many more serious applications, such as in superconducting magnets, laser applications, leak detection, scientific equipment, gas-cooled reactors (GCR), and many more. The LHe equipment behind these research projects comes with its own challenges

technifabs it system is integrated throughout the entire production workflow

Technifab reveals New Year updates

Technifab Products, Inc. has announced the creation of a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position, set to be filled by long-term Technifab employee Steve Short.

medical gases hospital

Bedfont Scientific establishes NoxBOX subsidiary

Bedfont Scientific Limited has created a subsidiary, NoxBOX Limited, to concentrate on its successful range of Inhaled Nitric Oxide monitoring systems.

medical gases hospital

GCE Healthcare launches Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator

GCE Healthcare has announced the launch of the Zen-OTM portable oxygen concentrator (POC) – the first product to be developed by its new Innovation Centre in St Helens, UK.

Chart LNG Orca

Chart supports Teck LNG pilot project

Chart has announced that its OrcaTM technology has been deployed in a pilot project by Teck Resources Limited (Teck) for the use of LNG as a fuel alternative to diesel in high horsepower engines.

Nitrogen deburring example

Messer to showcase new material protection product

Industrial gases specialist Messer Group will be showcasing a process that uses nitrogen to deburr zinc die-cast products next month, when it attends the EUROGUSS 2016 international trade fair for die casting.


Russia financial market

Recession in Russian economy highlights challenges

Amidst a backdrop of sustained downward spiral in the price of oil over the last 12 months, preliminary figures emerging from Russia reveal the country’s economy contracted more than 3.5% last year.

Business deal, merger and acquisition

Butler Gas Products confirmed as new member of IWDC

Butler Gas Products is now a new member and gas vendor partner of the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC).

Business deal merger

Iran: IAEA confirms lifting of sanctions

International sanctions on Iran have been lifted, following the country’s compliance with a deal to monitor its current and future nuclear capabilities.

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