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Merger aquisition deal

GTCR finalizes acquisition of Cole-Palmer Instrument Company

28 Oct 2014 | By T.J. Houpes

GTCR, a leading private equity firm, has recently completed the previously announced acquisition of Cole-Parmer Instrument Company from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Top headlines

Merger aquisition deal

GTCR finalizes acquisition of Cole-Palmer Instrument Company

GTCR, a leading private equity firm, has recently completed the previously announced acquisition of Cole-Parmer Instrument Company from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

The Linde Group is one of the leading players in the industrial gases business.

Linde completes UHP N2 and O2 expansion project

Linde Electronics and Specialty Gases has completed the capacity expansion to supply ultra-high purity (UHP) gaseous nitrogen and UHP oxygen to its customers in the Hillsboro, Oregon area.

Spectro Scientific's MN-W

Spectro Scientific awarded two USAF contracts

Spectro Scientific, a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical tools and software for fluid and machine condition monitoring, has been awarded two multi-year contracts from the United States Air Force

Air Products towers

Air Products announces major restructuring

Air Products’ Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Seifi Ghasemi, has today (September 18) announced a major company restructuring, with the goal of ‘regaining industry leadership by providing excellent service to customers as the safest and most profitable industrial gas company in the world.’


Special feature

Inside the Lab title image cylinders

Inside the Lab Subscription

By Charles Eckman

Starting from the top down, NorLab, a wholly owned division of Norco, Inc., was created with the specific goal of producing quality products. In the company’s organizational chart in NorLab’s ISO 9002 submittal, the principal and chief operating governance of the company is obvious; it is the customer. Our marching directives come from the company executives, and these are based on customer wants and needs. To that end Norco insured that NorLab was one of the first ISO 9002 Certified ...

International news

Acetylene welding health and safety

Linde launches worldwide acetylene safety initiative

15 Jul 2014 | Updated: 15 Jul 2014

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has announced the launch of its worldwide safety program to improve the safe storage and transportation of acetylene cylinders by customers.

Fine Tubes' new India location

Fine Tubes Relocates India Office

26 May 2014

Fine Tubes has announced that it is strategically relocating its office in India to keep up with the growing demand for its high quality tubing products.

Global Gases new facility

Global Gases opens first fill plant in India

25 Mar 2014

Global Gases India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dubai-based Global Gases Group FZCO, has announced the opening of its new industrial gases fill plant located in the Chennai Industrial Area in Tamil Nadu, India.

MOCON lab.

New Baltics distributor for MOCON/Lippke

25 Oct 2013

Enabling it to provide more ‘customized attention’ to customers in the Baltic States region, Lippke (a MOCON company) has signed a distributor agreement with Interautomatika UAB, of Vilnius, Lithuania.

iNet logo

Industrial Scientific surpasses 100,000 detectors on iNet® system

25 Oct 2013

Industrial Scientific has announced that more than 100,000 gas monitors are now operating on iNET®, the industry’s only Gas Detection as a Service solution.



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Latest features

SEMICON West 2014

Sustainability Meets Innovation: SEMICON West Show Review Subscription

In the early days of July, Specialty Gas Report attended the 44th annual SEMICON West show, the preeminent event in the US semiconductor and micro-electronics industry. SEMICON West 2014 was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, from July 8–14, and the event was spectacular.

Q3 2014 permeation tubes equation image 1

Permeation Tubes for Difficult Mixtures Subscription

As analytical requirements seek quantification at ever lower concentration levels the gas mixtures required for verification and calibration become more difficult to obtain or prepare, and often impossible to store. Concentrations may be extremely low (parts per billion, or even parts per trillion.) Analytes are often highly polar, or highly reactive, and may react with each other or the matrix. Perhaps a truly zero matrix is not possible for the concentration range desired. Or perhaps ...

Q3 2014 It's All in the Triangle Image 1

It’s All in the Triangle… Subscription

Achieving accurate and repeatable low-level moisture analysis in the specialty gas industry while minimizing analysis instrument maintenance is a challenge many laboratory analysis equipment suppliers have tried to meet over the years with a number of different technologies. It is now clear that Tunable Laser Diode Spectroscopy (TLDS) has emerged as the clear technology leader, however, this general technique is not standing still. Instruments utilizing various versions of this technique ...

Q3 Spotlight on Helium feature image

Spotlight on Helium: A Growing International Shortage Subscription

Helium is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, second only to hydrogen, and is found in every star including our sun. In fact, helium was first discovered in the sun during a solar eclipse in 1868 and gets its name from the Greek sun god, Helios. Despite the enormous abundance of the element in our solar system and beyond, helium is relatively rare on our planet. This has been a factor in a well-documented shortage of the gas over the past several years from which we are ...

Image 1

The Importance of Properly Sealing Threaded Connections for Hazardous Gases and Liquids Subscription

When storing and transporting cylinders, especially those containing flammable or corrosive liquids and gases, leak-tight seals are of critical importance. As any distributor of packaged gases can attest, a number of problems arise when a cylinder is found to leak.

Image 1

The Perfect Order Subscription

The Intersection of Customer Desire and the Almost Possible

Image 1

Handling and Storage of High Pressure Gas Cylinders Subscription

High pressure gas and portable cryogenic liquid cylinders present hazards in numerous areas. For many gases there are hazards associated with chemical composition of the gases in the cylinder. Then there are the physical hazards associated with high pressure and liquid cylinders due to their size and weight. It is important to note some of the key safety program requirements when handling high pressure and liquid cryogenic cylinders.

Image 2

Getting It Right: Factors that Determine the Quality and Accuracy of Calibration Gas Mixtures Subscription

My team and I travel around the country studying the needs of various companies that use specialty gas calibration mixtures. As we work with these companies to tailor solutions to eliminate their specific ongoing problems, we find that we encounter many of the same issues at each facility, despite the differences in companies. As the years have gone by we’ve noticed that neither small nor big companies are immune to certain problems. These problems seem to hide in plain sight and frequently ...

elemantar's vario MAX Cube Analyzer

Laboratory Instrument Design in the Era of High Helium Prices Subscription

While the Pittcon show consistently showcases an abundance of cutting edge products, equipment, and technology, certain booths or demonstrations offer more for the specialty gas audience than others. This year, a company called elementar featured and presented a CN analyzer that uses argon instead of helium as a carrier gas. The presentation was captivating, and worth sharing with SGR readers.

ron ball,compliance,pharmacy

Effective Complaint Management: One Key to FDA Compliance Subscription

Effectively handling customer complaints, while not the most popular in the pantheon of business processes, is an essential component of successful FDA compliance programs. Many drug manufacturers treat complaint management programs as a nuisance, or ignore the issue entirely. This attitude usually results in those firms getting trapped into a cycle of solving the same problem over and over. The FDA places great emphasis on managing customer complaints. The reality is, knowing the techniques ...


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