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  • Fuel cell energy

    FuelCell Energy enters into option agreement


    FuelCell Energy has signed an exclusive option agreement with the County of Orange regarding the utilisation of landfill gas at the Coyote Canyon landfill in Newport Beach, California for a fuel cell project.

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    CPV announces price increase


    CPV Manufacturing, a Pennsylvania-based manufacture of high-pressure values and fittings has announced a price increase.

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    Air Products to build liquid hydrogen facility


    Air Products has announced plans to build a second liquid hydrogen production facility in California to meet the increasing product demand from several customer markets.

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    Chart announces 10-12% price hike


    Chart Industries, Inc. has announced a global price increase of 10-12% for bulk storage tanks, packaged gas products and beverage bulk carbon dioxide (CO2) systems, effective immediately.

  • Physics and Tech Group Photo

    Physics & Tech participate in Trans-Options Hydrogen Fuel Cell Challenge


    For the third year in a row, the Physics Tech classes from Roxbury High School in New Jersey, participated in the Trans-Options Hydrogen Fuel Cell Challenge at New Providence High School.

  • Conval tandem blowdown valve

    Conval CLAMPSEAL blowdown service valves


    Conval, a global leader in high-performance valves headquartered in Connecticut, offers CLAMPSEAL® blowdown service valves to provide necessary control for continuous or tandem boiler or turbine blow down and bottom blow-off service.

  • Brain cogs, innovative thinking

    GAWDA provides discount to University of Innovative event


    GAWDA invites members to attend a concentrated educational programme focused on the unique needs of the industrial wholesale distribution industry.

  • life sciences research

    Cryoport confirms $25m investment from Petrichor


    Cryoport, Inc., a world-leading temperature-controlled logistics company headquartered in California, dedicated to the life sciences industry, has confirmed the closing of a $25m investment from Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management (Petrichor).

  • Optimizing argon recovery through trace gas analysis

    Optimizing argon recovery


    Douglas Barth is Senior Project Manager for global gas analysis expert, Servomex. He works in the Purity Specialty Division, operating out of Servomex’s US Technical and Service Center in Woburn, Massachusetts. Barth says Servomex’s SERVOPRO Chroma trace gas analyzer improves argon recovery,

  • Argon- more uses than you think

    Argon: more uses than you think


    Argon may not be in the news as much as helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide for its rising prices, shortage or potential as a fuel, but it is all around us with its multiple industrial uses in its gaseous state.