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  • issue171@2x

    Issue 171 August 2019


    The potential in the LNG business is undoubted. Yet short-term hesitancy exists in megaprojects. This month we explore various facets of the distributive LNG business. Front cover image courtesy of MAKEEN Energy.

  • us-aug-2019@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 08 (August)

    Air Products’ ASU in Baytown, Texas, produces merchant liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon to supply a multitude of industry segments. See page 34 for full story.

  • gwus0719@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 07 (July)

    Celebrating 50 years of man’s intrepid touchdown on the Moon, and the role of industrial gases.

  • gwg0719@2x

    Issue 170 July 2019


    Celebrating 50 years of Man’s intrepid touchdown on the Moon, and the role of industrial gases

  • gw0619@2x

    Issue 169 June 2019


    Digitisation is all around in the gases industry, and this is a trend at play in the gas control business with the rise of Valves 4.0 only accelerating. This month we talk with WITT about the digital capabilities being applied to valve technologies today.

  • gwus0619@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 06 (June)

    This striking image is the deadly Zika virus. The atomic level structure was determined by cryo- EM. This month, we look at the 66 potential and growth of cryo-EM as well as cryotherapy and find out how some distributors are adapting to the life sciences market.

  • gwg-05-2019@2x

    Issue 168 May 2019


    The hydrogen economy has rapidly evolved over the last decade. We look at LOHC this month with Hydrogenious Technologies CEO Daniel Teichmann and whether this is the missing link in a global hydrogen economy.

  • gwus-fcs-05-2019@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 05 (May)

    The US industrial gases industry’s biggest story of the past year has been the Linde-Praxair merger, and the return of Messer to North America. This month, we have an interview with Messer Americas CEO Jens Luehring on the new major’s goals, strategy and vision for the US market.

  • Combined - Front Cover, Spread

    Issue 167 April 2019


    Clean energy is driving trends in the packaged gas business. Compressed gases rely on cylinders for their distribution and as the world goes green, so too is cylinder technology – especially in hydrogen applications.

  • Combined - Front Cover, Spread

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 04 (April)

    Nikola Motor Company is an ambitious start-up which designs and manufactures hydrogen fuel cell trucks. Nikola’s semi-trucks are expected to play an important role in the story of hydrogen transportation, and we find out more about them this month.