Beijing Tinhai Industry Co. Ltd (BTIC) has been supplying cylinders to a number of important industries across the globe for many years and has seen itself at the top of the Chinese Steel manufacturing industry for an accomplished 10 consecutive years.

Next year may prove to be something of a landmark for BTIC as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary and a relatively successful short history since its modest merger beginnings. The company was first established when Beijing Mechanic Industry Administration and the Beijing Metal Organisation Factory Oxygen Gas Cylinders Workshop became transformed into a single company on 1st October 1978.

Following this fusion the single firm named Beijing High Pressure Gas Cylinder Company was born, though the newly formed partnership gained its current name after a Sino-Korea cooperative enterprise. Beijing High Pressure Gas Cylinder Factory, a state-owned large scale and first rate corporation, and Korea High Pressure Cylinder Co. Ltd formed BTIC as we know it and went into operation with a total investment of $30m.

The Company
Headquartered in Beijing, BTIC has 20 representative offices covering almost all of China, as well as distributors across America, Africa and Asia. A company spokesperson noted, $quot;BTIC's domestic market share takes up 60 percent, and the sales of exported cylinders accounted for 58.8 percent in the total export volume of the national cylinder industry.$quot;

Experienced in designing and manufacturing various kinds of high-pressure gas cylinders with pressure levels of B1, B2, B3, A1, C3, D1 and D2, the firm is equipped with 6 advanced production lines. These include one set of billet piercing and drawing presses from Germany, two sets of pipe spinning machines from Japan and Korea for manufacturing high pressure gas cylinders in small, medium and large sizes, and one line introduced from America for manufacturing composite cylinders and breathing apparatus. Another line fabricates cryogenic cylinders filled with liquefied oxygen, nitrogen and argon, while the remaining line produces welded cylinders, dissolved acetylene cylinders and vehicle-used liquefied petroleum gas cylinders.

So what's it all about? The cylinders...
Since its inception in 1978 as described, the company has grown impressively to provide many different forms and specifications of cylinders worldwide. The largest industrial gas, fire fighting and compressed natural gas cylinder manufacturer in Asia, producing more than 1.5m units per year, the company boasts approximately 800 employees and distributes its products to over 30 countries across the globe.
The markets for BTIC cylinders include the chemical industries, fire fighting, petroleum industries, energy, city construction, food processing, metallurgy and electronics. Perhaps even more impressive, BTIC has also become the dominant supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) products in China, with such high profile customers as Volkswagen, Citroen, Suzuki, Ford and Volvo.

Reputation and Certification
Many of BTIC's products are exported to more than 40 countries with great reputation as Beijing Famous Brand Products and Chinese well-known products.
Any company in this cylinder industry needs to have national and international systems of approval, and BTIC has that: ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949.

Add to this a further twenty kinds of international production authentication, which include certifications by the United States (DOT), Canada (TC), Norway, India, Japan, UK, France, and Germany (TUV), and you have a $quot;high-quality Chinese firm.$quot;

Beyond international and national certificates, BTIC has placed an internal emphasis on component and assembly cleanliness that exceeds most standard practices in North America.

Cylinder Types
Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder
BTIC can produce large, medium and small sized high pressure seamless cylinders which range from 8-35Mpa in working pressure to 0.4-120L in water.

CNG-2 Composite Cylinder
The company has made active movements to develop the vehicle-used CNG cylinders by bringing in advanced technology.

DOT-8AL/TC-8WAM Asbestos-free acetylene Cylinder
The Asbestos-free acetylene cylinder is an international advanced product, independently researched and developed by BTIC.

Fire-fighting Cylinder
The fire-fighting cylinder has the merits of safety, lightweight, clear stamping, consistent height and elegant appearance.

Aluminium Liner
BTIC operates one of the biggest, most-advanced facilities for designing, testing and manufacturing aluminium liner cylinders in Asia.

Welded Insulated Cylinders
These cylinders can be applied to store and transport liquefied gas products.