The Group, established in 1996 in India, provides complete solution from Design, Engineering, Manufacture, supply and up to Commissioning of Cryogenics Equipment, Gases and Systems.


Ø  Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Storage and Transport Tanks

Ø  Vaporizers (low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and special mobile purging vaporizers)

Ø  Skid-mounted Cryogenic Pumps with Vaporizers

Ø  Super Insulated Vacuum lines for Transfer of Cryogenic Fluids

Ø  Complete Solution for Cylinder Filling Stations for LOX, LIN, LAR, LCO2, Hydrogen, Helium and Gas Mixtures

Ø  Powered Vaporizers heated with Electricity / Water / Steam / Water Heated - Steam Sparged / Sea Water Vaporizers – ORV / Gas-fired Vaporizers, etc.

Ø  Semi Auto, Automatic Cylinder Filling Stations – Weldcoa, USA association

2)       LNG

Ø  LNG Regas Stations

Ø  LCNG and Hub & Spoke LNG / CNG stations

Ø  Range of Natural Gas Solutions to OFF-PIPELINE Customers

Ø  On Board LNG Fuel Solutions for Vehicles and Cargo Ships

Ø  Framed Mini LNG Plants (5 / 10 / 15 / 20 TPD)

Ø  Small Scale LNG Plants (40 / 100 / 150 / 200 TPD)


Ø  Multi-component Mixtures

Ø  Specialty Gases

Ø  Pure & Rare Gases

Ø  Calibration Gases

Ø  Explosive / Toxic / Flammable / Laser / Liquid Blended Mixtures


Ø  Portable Helium Liquefaction Plant (15 / 30 / 60 Litres / day)

Ø  R &D Applications

Ø  Portable Liquid Nitrogen Plants (120, 240, 480 Litres / day)

Ø  Life Science (IVF, Stem Cells & Medical Applications)

Ø  Specialized Cryogenic Plants and Circulation Systems


Ø  Herose, Germany for Cryogenic and Safety Valves

Ø  Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Japan for Cryo coolers and Cryostat Systems.

Ø  Weldcoa, USA for Precision Specialty Gas Equipment

6)       SERVICES

Ø  On site Nitrogen Supply System and Purging Solutions

Ø  Cross country Pipeline Purging Services, Pigging (Foam, Caliber, Intelligent Pigs)

Ø  Cryocooler Repairs and MRI Maintenance Services

Ø  Cylinder Hydro-testing Services

Ø  Bulk Transportation of Cryogenic Liquids

Ø  Repair of Cryogenic Storage and Transport Equipment

Ø  Vacuum Drying of large pipelines