UNISENSOR GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative technologies for process analytics and the quality control of gases, liquids and solids. We provide cutting-edge products that set new standards in high speed and precise automated process inspection and quality control. Our product portfolio includes internationally patented systems for the industrial gases, beverage bottling, brewing and recycling industries.

The CARBOSCAN 300 quality assurance system is based on optical absorption spectroscopy and can currently identify more than 40 different contaminants. Further contaminants can be integrated via remote connection at any time as required. The system is pre-configured and calibrated at the factory and does not require calibration by the operator. It is ready for use after a very short commissioning process and runs with complete reliability thanks to automatic reference measurements. Conventional systems that use calibration gases, fuel gases and zero air on the other hand, require additional maintenance as a result of the laborious task of gas bottle handling, and are prone to calibration errors by the operator.

More than twenty years ago, Professor Dr. Gunther Krieg paved the way for extraordinary innovations with the founding of the company and his many years of experience in the field of optoelectronics and sensor technology. Since then, a team of highly qualified staff working closely with industry and technical universities have been developing groundbreaking technical solutions and products which are used around the world and have set new standards in process technology. You can find more information at www.unisensor.de.