Proudly founded in Victoria, Australia in 1939, Mack Vavles is known as a leading provider of industrial valves for pressure control and flow control of liquids and gases with applications over a wide range of industries, namely the cryogenic industrial gases business, the food processing sector, stream and boiling manufacturing, water distribution and mining industry.

The products for the cryogenic industrial gases industry include globe and ball valves, pressure relief valves, check vavles, strainers, flow diverters, pressure build and reducing valves, as well as other bespoke engineered products for cryogenic vessels and pipelines.

The company’s latest initiative through its brand new facility in India is fitted with the latest manufacturing equipment possible. This strategic manufacturing centre has come at the right time to support business in Asia and beyond as the market demands quality products within a competitive lead time.

With the strength of in-house Engineering capabilities, Mack Valves designs both standard products over a wide range of industrial applications as well as custom products to suit an array of customers nit limited to gas, steel and water sector. Mack products have earned both Fire Safe and CE approvals for key ranges of our products to assure our customers of the highest quality and technical performance valves. It’s no wonder quality is a focus, as our valves are proven, enabling customers to get on with running their businesses and processes.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements. We have a network that extends throughout Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.