Wessington Cryogenics is a manufacturer of a broad range of cryogenic storage vessels, from general purpose open dewars to multi-coded vessels, road tankers, and both 10ft & 20ft ISO framed tanks for the oil & industrial gas industry.

In 2009 Wessington Cryogenics celebrated its 25th year and has become recognised amongst the best in

the world for its vessel design, manufacture, and on-site maintenance. The company can also offer a full tank refurbishment programme at its UK factory, repair & testing, and a vessel and frame re-certification service.

Wessington has proven expertise and design capability to build to all current international standards including: ADR & RID (Transport), DNV 2.7.1 (Offshore),

CSC, IMDG (Container Transport and Maritime), ASME, TCRN (Transport Canada), and US DOT (Transport America). Wessington Cryogenics has invested in production, training, and implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, also doubling production capacity for its standard 2000 gallon framed tank. 2010 saw Wessington Cryogenics move into a new 70,000 sq ft factory.