gasworld (US edition) Digital Archive

  • October-gasworld-US-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 10 (October)


    In this October US Edition, we aim to provide a fingerprint of what’s new and trending in the medical market right now – from applications of cryogenics in the life sciences to CO2 in the medical sector, the new CGACB certification program, and much more besides.

  • September-gasworld-US-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 09 (September)


    The Distributor Issue – the big edition in the US calendar. This month is all about the US distributor and the challenges and opportunities facing this business, from the cost of digital automation to M A, e-commerce and new means of delivering product.

  • magazine-gasworld-US-August-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 08 (August)


    Packaged gases are at the heart of the industrial gases business, and especially so in the North America region where this supply mode accounts for as much as 37% of the business. This August, gasworld US Edition looks at all things Packaged Gases, from cylinder filling to labelling and automation ...

  • magazine-gasworld-US-July-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 07 (July)


    From hydrogen storage systems to gas blending and custom gas mixes, Custom Solutions is the theme for gas world US Edition this July. This edition includes the Plains regional report, from gas world Business Intelligence.

  • magazine gasworld us june 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 06 (June)


    From cryogenics applications reports to insight on cryogenic CO2 capture technology, and equipment used for the final frontier in deep space exploration, our focus in the US this June is on all things Cryogenic. Also includes the US Southwest regional report. 

  • Magazine gasworld us may 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 05 (May)


    gas world compresses as much insight and how-to knowledge about the packaged gases business as possible into its May 2018 edition – exploring cylinder trends and technologies, cylinders for specialty gases, and cylinder filling optimisation. This edition also includes a regional focus on North America, and the second quarter ...

  • Magazine gasworld us april 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 04 (April)


    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 04 (April)

  • Magazine gasworld us march 2018 2

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 03 (March)


    This March gas world US Edition gets to grips with changes in the global hydrogen market, from the more traditional refinery hydrogen business to the growing momentum for the hydrogen economy and the supply chain.

  • Magazine gasworld us february 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 02 (January-February)


    The bumper January/February 2018 issue of gasworld US Edition looks at two very different topics, but two which are intrinsically related by the human factor – digitization and safety. From the impact of data being the new oil, to chemical exploitation as WMDs, this New Year special has it all ...

  • December 2017 us magazine

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 55, No 12 (December 2017)


    Bulk gases are big business, and the transportation of those loads is often an even bigger challenge. From the changing landscape of cryogenic tank and trailer manufacture to supply chain management, gas world US Edition has it all covered this December. Also includes the year-end US gases market report.