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  • Gasworld us edition vol 55 no 11 november

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 11 (November)


    One of the most popular and topical editions of the year is the Helium Issue, our theme for this November issue of gasworld (US Edition). From a BLM capacity update to sourcing and supply trends and new helium applications, our Helium Issue has it all covered. This edition also includes ...

  • Octobermagazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 10 (October)


    This month gas world (US Edition) explores trends and technologies in the healthcare supply chain, from the ever-growing homecare market to life sciences and cryobiology and medical gas equipment in-between.

  • Magazine sept us

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 09 (September)


    From asset management to the growing trend that is e-commerce, and forward-thinking best practice advice throughout, this September gas world US Edition presents the loading dock – our annual Distributor Issue. This September issue also includes the US South East regional report.

  • Us august magazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 08 (August)


    One of the truly interesting aspects of today’s gases industry is that there’s a torrent of change. This rate of change is also one of the reasons why we bring you this August issue, which pays homage to innovation and the concept that… change is good.

  • magazine july us edition

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 07 (July)


    gas world (US Edition) gets to grips with the latest trends in the rapidly evolving energy sector this July and explores what these mean for those in the US gases industry – from best practices and rules and regulations around hydrogen production, to the clean energy strategies of the majors ...

  • June US Edition cover 2017

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 06 (June)


    gas world (US Edition) compresses as much insight and how-to knowledge about the packaged gases business as possible into its June edition – exploring cylinder trends and market drivers, the supply chain from producer to customer, safety, and much more besides. This edition also includes the Plains region ...

  • may usmagazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 05 (May)


    One of the most popular editions of the year, the CO2 Issue is gas world US Edition’s focus this May. Whether it’s alongside an in-depth CO2 market report, focused features on food and beverages, sourcing trends, or the growing greenhouse market, if CO2 is your business, then gas world (US ...

  • Magazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 04 (April)


    A staple in the US economy and its gases industry is the welding sector. This April gas world (US Edition) looks at the Fabrication Manufacturing business, from welding trends to dynamics in the metallurgy markets – and how you might spark greater productivity in your business moving forward. ...

  • Us editionmagazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 03 (March)


    This month gas world (US Edition) keeps it cold with the very latest in cryogenic applications, from new low temperature solutions to developments in insulation, hoses and valves. The March edition also includes the Rocky Mountains regional market report.

  • gasworld US edition february magazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 02 (February)


    This month gas world (US Edition) goes on another tour of the most important side of the gases business – safety. From safety in gas distribution to safety training for gas handling and welding applications, February’s US Edition has it covered. February also includes the US West Coast regional report. ...