• Ruchi Chaturvedi

    South America sets its sights on renewable energy generation


    What is clear is the determination to invest in renewables in South and Central America, coupled with what appear to be the policies and measures to back-up these ‘green’ credentials in the future.

  • Denis Smyslov

    10 minutes with...Denis Smyslov


    Take 10 minutes out with Denis Smyslov, Chairman of the Board at Red Mountain Energy, as he discusses the company’s foundation, building the business in a developing region, cryogenic plants and new technologies, and what the future holds for Red Mountain Energy.

  • Trainers Michael Blondin

    Getting ‘lean’ – A New Year’s resolution


    As I was talking with my bosses about New Year’s resolutions they said ‘getting lean’. I looked at my slim bosses and wondered if they were trying to give me a hint on what I should be doing, but no, they were talking about a lean organisation.

  • Teresa Boehl

    Knowledge is key in the ongoing quest for safety


    “It just goes to show how easily that potentially dangerous situations can arise when your mind is somewhere else completely.” Safety - it’s the topic that never gets old, as Theresa Boehl discusses.

  • It's Christmas!

    Glad tidings we bring…Three things to take from 2012


    Season’s Greetings one and all – it’s that time of year again! Fun-filled days fuelled by gases, from the argon in decorative lighting to the electronics gases that helped manufacture a range of laptops, smartphones, and electronic devices.

  • Editor Rob C.jpg

    20:20 Vision – What lies ahead?


    How often do we get so immersed in what we’re doing day-to-day, that we don’t take a step back and analyse what’s going on and where we’re going in? It seems that now is the time to get a clear perspective on the changing dynamics in North America and how ...

  • map of america

    North America, Western Europe: Is innovation the answer?


    With growth still stalling in the mature markets, what does the future hold for the gas industries of North America and Western Europe? Innovation could be to the next wave of growth in these regions, as Rob Cockerill explains.

  • Keith Stewart

    LNG: Safety is the licence to operate


    Since I last touched on this subject at the end of last year, the LNG industry continues to grow rapidly with its new use in the propulsion of ships in the Nordic Region and the continued increase in production from the shale gas fields of North America.

  • Barry Jones

    Gas industry projects lead the way with CCS


    Globally, more than $21bn of government support is being made available for the demonstration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, largely as capital expenditure assistance. This support is valuable in that it recognises the high costs of setting up first-of-a-kind facilities and enables large-scale integrated CCS demonstration projects to ...

  • Doug Thornton BCGA

    Mills & Boon sell more, but...


    Mills Boon might sell more copies and Shakespeare had more humour, but reading a few BCGA publications might save your life - or at least keep your business out of court! Doug Thornton talks about developments in BCGA publications and why you need to be reading these documents. ...