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    Making safety an unconscious decision


    Training can lead to a greater awareness of the hazards and risks involved with compressed gases, ensuring a better understanding of safety, prompting the questioning of existing practices, and improving procedures and building morale.There are so many ways for people to access information, however, that the value of workplace training ...

  • Editor Rob C.jpg

    A relationship in vogue


    When I came to gasworld five years ago, LNG wasn’t on the radar. It wasn’t an industrial gas, it didn’t have the same hype as hydrogen, and it wasn’t particularly topical. Oh how that has changed, for both gasworld and the industrial gas community.

  • Teresa Boehl

    Inhalation still a hazard


    It seems that despite media attention, many are still largely unaware of the risks involved in inhaling helium. This may stem from the fact that helium is, generally speaking, safe. The real danger of this inert, non-toxic gas lies in its ability to displace oxygen, leading to asphyxiation.

  • Michael Blondin, VRV

    South America – An abundance of opportunities


    After two absolutely enjoyable weeks of visiting the Atacama Desert, touring the vineyards in Colchagua and finishing up in Chilean Patagonia, I had the opportunity to see what is likely one of the world’s southernmost cylinder filling stations in the world near Punta Arenas, near the strait of Magellan. What ...

  • Barry Jones

    Cooperation is key to CCS


    The successful and widespread deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an important part of the world’s clean energy future. While renewable energy sources are often prominent in clean energy conversations, the critical role of CCS is often overlooked and must be emphasised.

  • Keith Stewart

    South Africa – life beyond the bush


    South Africa is a country I have been visiting for over 20 years and in that time there has been many developments in the country, the people and the industrial gas industry. It has become a global player in every way.

  • Jim Bowman

    10 minutes more with... Jim Bowman


    Spend 10 minutes more with Jim Bowman and see what else the President of Rexarc had to say about global operations, economic fluctuations, and the development of the company’s five-year plan.

  • Rick Kowey

    M&A: A view from within


    The competitive landscape of the US industrial gas business has changed considerably over the last decade. In 2001, there was still a plethora of independent distributors and producers, ranging in size from small, local, one or two-store businesses to several large regional companies formed by the fusion of firms in ...

  • Michael Blondin, VRV

    'Show me the money'


    Cheap or not cheap…that is the question. In today’s market, with tight margins and the gases industry under pressure to optimise operational efficiencies, making the most of investments and efficiencies in operations has never been more important.

  • Teresa Boehl

    News from Cryo Corner, with Theresa Boehl


    My involvement in the Cryogenic Society for the last few years has had an unintended side effect. Whenever I’m out and about in Chicago, the city where I live, I find myself stumbling across hints of the cryo world that I would not have noticed before.