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  • chemical industry at night russia

    The CAB and why it’s significant to the US industrial gases industry


    gasworld Business Intelligence investigates how the Chemical Activity Barometer relates to the US industrial gases business.

  • Gold mine mining

    Air Products lengthens contract with US gold mine


    Air Products has announced a successful contract extension with Barrick Goldstrike, to continue to operate and maintain an oxygen plant at the company’s mine in Elko, Nevada.

  • russia st basels cathedral

    Praxair-Linde to form new market leader in Russia


    The proposed business combination between Praxair, Inc. and Linde AG has gained unconditional anti-trust clearance in Russia. This marks the first publicly official anti-trust approval for the Linde-Praxair merger. 

  • US flag

    Country Focus – USA


    In 2016, the US market was valued at around $20bn. This is an increase from 2015 revenues, which stood at $19.6bn.

  • Nozzle dollar fuel finance

    What is CAPEX?


    Capital expenditure (CAPEX) is the term given to funds that are used by an organisation to acquire or upgrade its assets, such as property or equipment.

  • China flag

    China: Capacity build-out continues


    China is one of the main growth markets for Tier One players globally, with no individual company commanding a dominant market share in 2016. In recent weeks, a number of companies have been expanding their capacities in the country.

  • yokohama japan minato mirai bay

    Country Focus – Japan


    This month’s country focus offers an in-depth analysis of the Japanese industrial gas market. The market, valued at $5.6bn in 2016, has struggled over the course of the last decade and took a downward turn in the last few years.

  • Map of Asia

    Exploring the impact of the Praxair-Linde merger in Asia


    The potential Praxair-Linde merger may not affect the Asian market on the same scale as in European and North American markets. However, there are a few regions where anti-trust authorities could impose divestments onto the newly combined company.

  • Messer signs contract for largest industrial gases site in vietnam

    Messer to construct two plants in South Central Vietnam


    The Messer Group is set to build the largest industrial gases production facility in Vietnam after signing a new supply deal with the country’s largest steel producer.

  • currency finance american dollar copyright billion photos

    What is ROCE?


    Return on capital employed (ROCE) is a profitability ratio that measures how efficiently a company can generate profits from its capital employed by comparing net operating profit to capital employed.

  • thailand laos south pacific rim

    Country Focus – Thailand


    This month’s country focus explores the rapidly growing industrial gas market in Thailand, as well as the impact the potential Praxair/Linde merger could have on dynamics in the region.

  • Welding Companies NEW

    Business Intelligence Financial expands coverge


    gas world Business Intelligence is expanding its online financial analysis offering to now include coverage of Tier Two industrial gas companies, welding companies and other equipment and engineering firms related to the industrial gas industry.

  • yokohama japan

    What is TNSC’s Ortus strategy?


    In the third instalment of the business plan series, gasworld Business Intelligence explores TNSC’s Ortus strategy.

  • Germany german map europe

    Praxair-Linde merger: Impact in Europe


    Find out more about how the potential Praxair/Linde merger may impact the European industrial gases business.

  • barcelona spain

    Regional Focus – Iberia


    The Iberian industrial gas market, incorporating Portugal and Spain, was valued at just over $1.4bn in 2015. The region has experienced growth of 1.4% p.a. over the course of the last decade (2005-2015).

  • Messer group

    Tier One capacity additions bolster Chinese industrial gas market


    China is currently the second largest industrial gas market in the world, behind the US. Many Tier One companies are therefore keen to expand their respective footprints in the region, as displayed by the following recent capacity additions.

  • Doe canyon he facility air products

    What is the Air Products Five-Point Plan?


    On the 18 th of September 2014, newly appointed CEO Seifi Ghasemi introduced the Air Products Five-Point Plan. Prior to his appointment at Air Products, Ghasemi has had a history of successfully restructuring companies under his control.

  • plant china new logo

    What is Air Liquide’s NEOS strategy?


    On the 6 th July 2016, at its Capital Markets Day, Air Liquide announced the implementation of a customer-centric, profitable growth strategy ‘NEOS’, for the period 2016-2020.

  • tokyo skyline japan

    Business Intelligence Financial - Taiyo Nippon Sanso - Q4 2016


    gas world Business Intelligence provides you with a free sample of its quarterly financial reports. 

  • Peru south america map crop

    Exploring the impact of the Praxair-Linde merger in South America


    As speculations continues to grow around the potential impact of the Praxair-Linde merger, gas world Business Intelligence looks into the consequences for the South American region in more detail.