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  • pascal mauberger

    Augmented clean hydrogen solutions


    Chairman and CEO Pascal Mauberger discusses McPhy’s new generation of alkaline electrolysers and augmented clean hydrogen solutions with Rob Cockerill.

  • asco

    ASCO Inc. – All about CO2 in the US


    For decades, Swiss ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd has been a most competent partner when it comes to dry ice blasting and building up in-house dry ice production. To achieve optimum customer support in the US and Canada, ASCO founded the US subsidiary ASCO Carbon Dioxide Inc. (ASCO Inc.) in July 2016.

  • cryogenic sandblasting

    An introduction to....Cryogenic sandblasting


    Cryogenic sandblasting is a cleaning process through which dry ice is accelerated by compressed air, up to speeds above 300m/sec. The combined action of the thermal shock due to the temperature of the dry ice, together with the high speed of the jet and its mechanical action, allows the cleaning of

  • ice cream

    Putting the ice in ice cream


    Simon Augustus follows up the journey to perfect the delivery of iced desserts.

  • cryotec anlagenbau

    Dry ice for the Middle East


    In the context of a growing market for dry ice as a future coolant, CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH has secured an order for a highly efficient dry ice plant in the Middle East, in Ras al-Khaimah.

  • dry ice

    Latest trends and technologies in dry ice blasting


    An insight from Cold Jet, from dry ice cleaning to the impact of Industry 4.0.

  • acquisition

    M&A in the CO2 business


    As I have written a couple of times in the last 12 months, carbon dioxide (CO2) has been firmly moving from a cool subject to a hot topic in recent years. So long the poor relation in the mainstream press for its negative environmental connotations, CO2 is becoming the lead protagonist in a number

  • Dry ice carbon dioxide

    The market for dry ice


    Sam A. Rushing explores a unique and ever-growing market – the dry ice business.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Regional markets – Focus on Middle East


    In 2016, the Middle East industrial gases business generated revenues of $2.3bn, up from $875m in 2006, indicating an impressive average annual growth rate of just under 10%, in-keeping with the region’s wide reputation as one of the key emerging markets for the industry.

  • ccp-microbulk-orange-research

    Orange Research


    Orange Research is a manufacturer of instrumentation in the form of differential pressure, flow and level, located in Milford, Connecticut, around an hour’s drive from New York City.