• Marathon running

    This was always a marathon, not a sprint…


    So the European Commission (EC) has reportedly rebuffed the original merger proposals put forward by Praxair and Linde, issuing a confidential Statement of Objection (SO) in the latest step of this marathon of a mega merger.

  • Twisted steel metals

    Steel tariffs – what impact?


    Few of us will be able to pick up a newspaper, check out the news online, or turn on the TV/radio without hearing about a possible trade war in-the-making, but at what cost for the gases industry around the world? Rob Cockerill explores a steely issue for the metallurgy markets.

  • rob cockerill

    Intriguing times in the Americas…


    What an interesting time to be in the industrial gases business, and particularly so in the Americas region. News of Corning Painter’s departure from Air Products this week is the second big executive departure to be disclosed in as many months in the US.

  • Art Waskey

    Time well spent


    I love working with Millennials (Next Gen, or Generation Y). In my senior years, I have had the privilege of working with the brightest young minds as they progress into outside sales.

  • progress move concept

    Here today, definitely there tomorrow – distributive LNG


    What seemed to unite everyone in the room today was the belief, or rather conviction, that LNG has a key role to play in the global energy transition and that there is significant potential to be explore in the Europe region, among others.

  • rob cockerill

    Calls to action from hydrogen stakeholders


    Stakeholders from within and outside of the hydrogen business have aligned in their calls to action here in Amsterdam, writes Rob Cockerill.

  • Opportunity concept

    Distributive LNG: Understanding the opportunity


    On this day in three weeks time, the entire Day 2 of the gasworld Clean Energies Conference will be devoted to Distributive LNG.

  • rob cockerill

    Driven by hydrogen as a future fuel


    Just four weeks from now, and key stakeholders in the hydrogen business will be gathered together under the same roof at the Beurs Van Berlage hotel in Amsterdam to discuss the evolution – and future needs – of the hydrogen economy.

  • Safety sign

    Why the black hole in LNG safety?


    The industrial gases business is built upon the Zero Ambition, its absolute commitment to safety. It is a central pillar of the industry; the first and foremost paradigm. But is it possible that something of a black hole exists in distributive LNG safety?

  • Art Waskey

    Changing methods of sales


    My fascination for sales training began in 1975 when I was asked, along with my other duties as a regional engineer for Airco Welding Products, to train our distributor sales reps.