In a South African first, Afrox has introduced a new radiation-free TIG tungsten electrode that offers safer, more economical and more efficient welding than any other TIG tungsten electrode currently on the market.

Afrox’s Ferdie Pretorius says the new electrodes, imported from Wolfram Industries in Germany, offer several advantages over existing products, including rapid ignition and superior welding results across a range of applications.

“These world class electrodes will set a new benchmark for this type of product in South African industry,” he says. “They offer absolutely reliable arc-striking on any weld metal, a low burn-off rate and the highest quality of arc.”

“The arc remains stable at all times, without any flickering or movement. Significant power consumption reductions are already being achieved by customers, along with prolonged service life, reduced set-up costs and gas consumption reductions of up to 50%, when used in combination with the correct accessories. Results are 100% reproducible.”

“The burn-off rate is very low compared to other electrodes and the electrode tip doesn’t change during welding. Importantly, TIG tungsten electrodes don’t contain thorium and are therefore free of radioactivity. The tungsten electrodes are environmentally friendly, owing to significantly lower material consumption.”

The level of impurities contained in these electrodes is less than 0.2%, exceeding the requirements of ISO 6848:2004, while surfaces are ground and cleaned to a higher standard than those specified in AWS/ISO.

TIG tungsten electrodes are available throughout South Africa at Afrox retail outlets.