In response to customer demand, Afrox’s KV creep resistant electrodes now comply with the requirements of ASME II parts A & C.

“During production our KV creep resistant electrodes undergo normal testing to ensure that they comply with AWS specification requirements according to their respective classification,” says Sandy Majatladi, Afrox Product Manager Special Alloys.

“These requirements involve chemical analysis, tension tests, impact tests and fillet weld tests, depending on the electrodes’ classification and size.”

“Now, in an additional step, further tests are conducted according to ASME II part A for long cycle and ASME II part C for short cycle post weld heat treatment (PWHT). The test results must also comply with the minimum requirements of the AWS specification.”

“After tests involving short and long cycle PWHT simulation, Afrox creep resistant electrodes exceeded the minimum requirements of the AWS specification. This proves that Afrox electrodes are manufactured to the highest quality. They have the robust metallurgical and mechanical properties to withstand extremely harsh conditions, such as those encountered in refineries and power generation plants, where components are operating under extremely high temperatures and pressures.”

These electrodes are available in normal packaging, as well as in Afrox’s DriPac range that offers extra protection against moisture pick-up.  With DriPac, after the electrodes have undergone the normal production process, they are kept in a humidity room prior to being vacuum packed in special aluminium foil. The aluminium foil harnesses a three-ply lamination process and offers protection against puncture and moisture absorption. If the packaging is not damaged or opened, the electrodes can be used directly from the packet without re-baking because of guaranteed moisture content of < 5ml/100g.

“Fabricators of refinery and power generation components using Afrox creep resistant electrodes can be fully confident that they are using locally manufactured products that not only meet the minimum requirements of global standards, but also exceed the stringent specifications used to prove their soundness,” Majatladi concludes.

All Afrox electrodes maintain excellent weldability characteristics and conform to approvals such as TUV and Lloyds register.