Safety forms one of the cornerstones of a successful business. Failure to implement safe practices in the workplace can have an extremely negative effect on productivity and profitability.

Air Products South Africa, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial gases, prioritises health and safety as critical to its sustainability.

After winning a number of awards at last year’s NOSA (National Occupational Safety Association) Regional and International Awards ceremonies, Air Products has once again emerged as a winner in the 2012 Regional Awards.

Air Products is thrilled with the 16 awards the company attained.

“We have the NOSA Integrated Five Star system implemented at all our facilities, with ongoing corporate safety programmes that result in the integration of safety into all the company’s activities. Constant awareness of the importance of safety in our work environment is emphasised and reinforced,” says Sue Janse van Vuuren, Head of SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) at Air Products.

The NOSA Awards ceremonies for all the regions were held during the second and third quarters of the year. NOSA audits are conducted annually and the Regional Awards are based on the audit results. Awards are given for the top three companies in each industry sector on the NOSA Integrated Five Star System.

Air Products fall in Sector E: electricity, gas and water supply.

In addition to this three separate category awards are issued to winning companies. These categories are: ‘Best Occupational Safety Programme on NOSA Integrated Five Star System’; ‘Best Occupational Environmental Programme on NOSA Integrated Five Star System’ and ‘Best Occupational Health Programme on NOSA Integrated Five Star System’.

Based on Air Products’ commitment to stringent EH&S (environmental, health and safety) principles, we achieved first and second places respectively for our Witbank and Rustenburg sites in the Northern Region,” says Janse van Vuuren. Air Products Head Office, as a NOSCAR site and not eligible for the Regional competition, received the ‘Top Companies Awards – Commercial Sector’ in this region.

“Our Pinetown, Empangeni and Newcastle sites took the top three places in the Eastern Region. The Empangeni branch gathered a further four category awards in the NOSA Richards Bay branch. In addition to its Regional first place awards, the Pinetown branch also achieved the ‘Best Occupational Safety Programme’ award and two branch awards,” Janse van Vuuren adds.A

“The internal and external recognition we receive are a clear indication that the EH&S Management systems we have in place are top class,” Janse van Vuuren enthuses.

“Our facilities take great pride in their EH&S systems. Receiving these prestigious NOSA awards proves that the effort our employees invest in implementing and maintaining these systems is worthwhile. Our performance at the NOSA awards gives our customers the assurance that we are committed EH&S,” Janse van Vuuren concludes.