Air Products South Africa has released the results from its’ annual awards evening – held to celebrate and recognise safety and quality.

The company holds its much-anticipated Safety and Quality Awards annually, an event which serves to reinforce the company’s view that, for each and every employee, safety and quality should be a way of life.

A ‘safety’ mindset

“We are immensely proud of our safety track record,” says Mike Hellyar, Managing Director of Air Products, noting that the company was a multi-award winner at the 2012 Regional NOSA (National Occupational Safety Association) awards. “Our ongoing corporate safety programmes have resulted in the integration of safety into all the company’s activities. Indeed, safety and quality have become underlying business principles for Air Products, and are firmly entrenched in the mindset and work habits of all our employees.”

While safety and quality awareness run through the entire organisation’s day to day operations, it often happens that an individual or team of people stand out for extraordinary contributions to the company’s ethos.  This is according to Josua le Roux, General Manager – Central Services at Air Products.

“The Safety and Quality Awards are our way of giving recognition to those who go the extra mile, who demonstrate an exemplary passion for the business and the values that Air Products stands for,” he says.

Customer service in the long term

“Key to our industry leadership, over and above retaining the highest safety standards, is the reliability and consistent excellence of our customer service,” he continues. “We value commitment, dedication and effort in sustaining good, long-term customer relationships, and these Awards are our way of saying thank you to those individuals who have managed to achieve that.”