Air Products South Africa has been praised for the supply of its welding gases in a smooth and dependable way, by one of its customers.

A successful business is one that can wholly depend on its suppliers to provide a smooth, dependable and workable service. Weldamax (Pty) Ltd has found just such an alliance in Air Products South Africa, a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial and specialty gases.

For Weldamax, a supplier of branded welding products to industry, its alliance with Air Products has been a key part of the company’s growth and successful customer order fulfilment.

“In supplying welding machines for various processes, it was critical for us to have a reliable gas partner in order to fulfil our obligations to our customers in providing a total service,” says Thomas Taljaard, Business Development Manager at Weldamax.

“Air Products has consistently delivered on its promises regarding the delivery and security of our gas supply,” Taljaard maintains.

Since stepping into the breach when Weldamax urgently required gas on a public holiday in May 2007, Air Products has continually demonstrated a flexible, solutions-oriented approach, where nothing is too much trouble, according to Taljaard.

“Air Products helped us out during the argon shortage - even on a public holiday - and ever since then we have come to rely on them to always find a solution. Even during a period of serious industrial action for example, Air Products will find a way to deliver, even if at odd times.”

“We have developed a solid working relationship with Air Products over the years, and this is based on a good organisational cultural fit – we work together to solve problems, and find a way forward. The approach is to mutually resolve an issue and get on with business. Air Products has a commitment to customer service and our regular meetings with them ensure that our supply chain runs smoothly and our order fulfilment rate is at an optimum.”

For Sean Young, Welding Specialist at Air Products, ensuring that there is capacity is crucial in meeting customer requirements.

“Customers such as Weldamax require adequate volumes of a given gas or gas mixture – that is a pivotal part of their own customer offering. Air Products prides itself on security of supply and our innovative supply modes, such as Mini- and Maxitanks help to ensure capacity and on-going supply. In addition, we can also guarantee purity of product and that it conforms to the AWS (American Welding Society) specifications for gas welding mixtures.”

In supplying a broad range of machinery and consumables for all types of welding, including Arc, MIG/MAG, TIG, and plasma cutting, Weldamax depends on Air Products’ industry expertise when it comes to welding gases. These include inert and active shielding gas, for which there is a range of standards and variances, two-part mixes (such as argon and carbon dioxide or oxygen for stainless steel) and three-part, such as Air Products’ MagMix 3 (carbon dioxide, oxygen and argon) for thin materials as well as Cougar 84 (carbon dioxide, oxygen and argon) for thicker materials.

“Within a broad range of welding applications, Air Products services all our needs,” notes Taljaard. “They also help us with safety audits, the installation of Maxitanks at our customers’ sites, and provide us with technical support, welding-related expertise and product training.”

Says Young, “We are pleased to be able to live up to our name in providing not only quality product and on-time delivery, but by offering specialist knowledge in the wide field of welding technology and its various applications.”

“In tough circumstances, such as the recent economic downturn, you need partnerships you can rely on for security of supply. With Air Products we have a total partnership based on a quality product, consistent order fulfilment and a good cultural fit. It was the best move we ever made,” concludes Taljaard.