Afrox has now made its stainless steel electrodes available in DriPac packaging to offer extra protection against moisture pick-up and to keep hydrogen levels as low as possible.

The benefit of this form of packaging is the electrodes can be used directly from the packaging without the need to rebake them before use. Sandy Majatladi, Afrox Product Manager Special Alloys, says the versatile and very handy DriPac packages are made for customers who need lower moisture content in their electrodes to improve the quality of the weld.

“Stainless steel electrodes in DriPac packaging are ideal for customers working in environments where electrodes are susceptible to moisture absorption or in remote areas where baking of electrodes is limited or even impossible,” Majatladi says.

“After production the electrodes are kept in a humidity room to maintain the hydrogen content in the electrode at less than 5ml/100g when packed. The aluminium foil used to create DriPac packaging harnesses a three-ply lamination process and offers protection against puncture and moisture absorption.

“We’ve packaged the stainless steel electrodes in 2kg packs, which are sufficient to enable welders to finish their task within a normal shift of approximately eight hours. Any remaining electrodes not used within eight hours of opening the package will have to be rebaked before use.

“Sealed and undamaged packs of stainless steel electrodes in DriPac packaging are guaranteed for an unlimited period for freshness — even after years of storage.”

Afrox stainless steel electrodes are also available in conventional packaging. All Afrox electrodes maintain excellent weldability and conform to approvals such as TUV, ABS,SABS and Lloyds register.