Air Liquide announce that they have successfully started up a nitrogen production unit to supply Zaklady Azotowe Tarnow (ZAT), one of the largest chemical companies in Poland.

Air Liquide will operate the nitrogen generator, which has a capacity of 2,000 m³/h from their Polska’s headquarters in Kraków,which is 80 km from ZAT in Tarnow.

A liquid nitrogen back-up system for both low and high pressure requirements completes the installation. The solution is designed to reduce energy requirements by increasing the flexibility of its nitrogen supply.

Commenting on the contract Witold Szczypiński, ZAT’s Technical and Development Director said, “The Contract with Air Liquide reflects our focus on our chemical core-business. Thanks to excellent cooperation, we have efficiently integrated the Air Liquide on-site generator into our nitrogen safety-network, which supplies our different chemical units”.

ZAT is one of Poland’s leading caprolactam producers with diversified production including polyamides and nitrogenous fertilizers. More than 60% of ZAT's production is destined for export. ZAT had net earnings of approximately €12 million in 2004 with a yearly turnover of more than €250 million.