Two new projects in the integral hub of Freeport, Texas have been added to Air Liquide Large Industries US LP’s Gulf Coast Pipeline (GCPL) and Hydrogen/Syngas businesses.

Freeport was the site of the first hydrogen facility in the US for Air Liquide and continues to be a key hub for the company.

The first new project, which went on-stream in March 2013 and built upon existing facilities in Freeport, has increased the supply of hydrogen purification and compression capacity to Air Liquide’s hydrogen pipeline system – meeting the needs of increased customer demand.

Anticipated to go on-line in 2014, the second project involves the construction of a new liquid oxygen storage and vaporization facility at the Freeport ASU complex to supply oxygen to the GCPL pipeline network.

This new installation is thought to represent an increase of nearly 25 percent over current storage and vaporization capacities on the GCPL.

Roger Perreault, president of Air Liquide Large Industries US LP, commented, “Our pipeline networks provide value to our customers by optimizing production and delivery. These projects are a great example of our ability to react quickly to increasing customer demand. The projects also demonstrate our commitment to continued growth through targeted investments in our infrastructure.”