Riding the wave of innovation in the next generation flat panel display market, Air Liquide has recently signed multiple gas supply and services contracts with clients in the field.

Innovation is thriving in flat panel displays thanks to robust consumer demand for digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and 3D televisions. As this revolution moves forward, the demand for a new generation of displays is also appearing.

As a result, new power efficient display technologies offering high resolution are reaching the mass production phase. In support of this trend, Air Liquide recently strengthened its position with the signing of numerous contracts and an enlarged offering.

The company has been selected to supply ultra-pure carrier and electronic specialty gases to three new cutting-edge fabs in Singapore, Japan and Taiwan, manufacturing advanced display technologies.

Air Liquide has also been chosen to supply electronic specialty gases, equipment and installation, and on-site total gas management services for two new large-scale fabs in China that manufacture large Gen 8.5 panels.

In parallel to these contracts, Air Liquide is partnering with leading customers to develop novel precursors, gases and innovative packaging solutions that help resolve industry challenges in deposition, ion implantation and encapsulation.