News emanating from Prague has announced that Vlastimil Pavlíček has been appointed as a new Air Products Company Executive Director, for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pavlíček has been appointed to the position of Company Executive Director by Air Products spol. s r.o., and Air Products Slovakia s.r.o. and will strive for the successful development of the subsidiaries.

Air Products has been present in the Czech market for fifteen years and last year’s turnover in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (both countries constituting a joint business unit) reached CZK 1.5 bn.

It is this successful business unit which the newly appointed Pavlíček will be seeking to further develop. Speaking of his vision for the role, he commented, “I shall strive for further successful development of the company and continuation of the two-digit growth we currently achieve.”

“We want to further improve our offer to our customers, for whom we would like to be not only a supplier of gases, but also a partner for solving their technological requirements, either it be production growth or quality enhancement without larger investments or improvement of environment and abatement of emissions.”

In terms of Air Products businesses in the region, the company operates a high-capacity plant for the production of industrial gases located in the premises of the company Unipetrol RPA (former Chemopetrol Litvínov).

Customers include those in the field of machinery (welding and thermal cutting of metals), metallurgy, (molting and thermal processing of metals), glass and petrochemical industry, rubber industry, food industry, production and distribution of drinks, health care, analytic laboratories and electronic industry.