AMCS Corporation has entered into an agreement with Shiprock Helium LP, an innovative US-based supplier of helium, to provide an INNOVA-HEU8™ Helium Extraction Unit for its project in Northeastern Arizona.

The INNOVA-HEU8™ recovers helium from a gas stream consisting mainly of nitrogen, and is in fact designed to produce high purity helium and liquid nitrogen.

Its plant design is highly packaged, which significantly reduces field erection and installation time and costs.

Ishmael Chalabi, President and CEO of AMCS Corporation, said of the new agreement, “AMCS is delighted for the opportunity to supply Shiprock Helium LP with the INNOVAHEU8™ plant. We value the confidence and trust that Shiprock management has placed in us; AMCS has worked with our client to optimise the plant and its product slate and thereby provide our client with a competitive edge.”

Shiprock Helium LP, and its affiliate Nacogdoches Oil and Gas, is headquartered in Nacogdoches, Texas. The company is looking forward to working with AMCS and pursuing a new processing route for its helium production. Mike Finley, of Shiprock Helium LP, explained, “Shiprock is pleased to be working with the professionals at AMCS. We have worked hard to find the right fit for our project and we believe the significant investment we have made with the AMCS team is well founded.”

“This project represents a new processing strategy for the independent producer of this valuable commodity. We thank the engineers at AMCS for their professional and tailored work on our project.”

The INNOVA-HEU™ product’s sustainable design allows compliance with relevant environmental regulations by recovering greenhouse gases present in the feedgas and extracting helium from the feedgas using significantly less energy than competing processes.