In March this year, the company was authorised to be established with a capitalisation of INR 10 million with operation set to start this October - as reported in the Gas Report.

It will be involved in the investigation of trends in the Indian market, and sales activities regarding imported and exported gas and chemical products. Later on it plans to import and market gas and chemical related equipment and products in the Indian market, and to produce and market gas for industrial use.

Elsewhere Tomoe Shokai and Samator, which is Indonesia’s largest industrial gas company, have agreed to work in a joint venture and have launched a new company called Samator Tomoe.

The joint venture will take such high pressure gases to be marketed as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide from the Samator Group. For sterilisation gas, liquid carbon dioxide will be obtained from the Samator Group, while Tomoe Shokai will procure the crude EO, with the JV handling the marketing.

The company will be based at Jababeka Industrial Estate, located in Bekasi Prefecture in Western Java.