Carbon Dioxide (S2)

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    ASCO launches rental service for dry ice technologies


    ASCO Carbon Dioxide has launched a new rental solution for dry ice production technologies, ASCO CAREFREE.

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    NextDecade and Mitsubishi sign carbon capture agreement for Rio Grande LNG project


    A new deal has been inked to introduce post-combustion carbon capture technology at NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG project in the Port of Brownsville, Texas.

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    Storegga, Shell and Harbour Energy equal partners of leading CCS and hydrogen project


    Storegga, Shell and Harbour Energy are all now equal partners in one of the UK’s most mature carbon capture and hydrogen developments, the Acorn Project.

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    First net-zero gas power plants proposed for Colorado, Illinois


    Plans have been unveiled to build what is claimed to be the world’s first net-zero natural gas-fired power plants in Colorado and Illinois, US.

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    Climeworks technology now in London’s Science Museum


    Climeworks is one step close to its vision of inspiring one billion people to remove CO2 from the air by becoming part of the Science Museum’s exhibition Our Future Planet in London.

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    TECO 2030 and AVL progress with maritime carbon capture study


    TECO 2030 and AVL have said they are progressing on a joint carbon capture and storage (CCS) feasibility study that focuses on vessel capabilities and robustness of technology.

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    Honeywell technology selected for US carbon capture project set to produce clean hydrogen


    Honeywell UOP technologies have been selected to capture and sequester up to 1.65 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually and produce clean hydrogen energy from a repurposed gasification plant in West Terre Haute, Indiana.

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    Global CCS Institute opens office in Abu Dhabi


    The Global CCS Institute has opened a new office in the Masdar City Free Zone in Abu Dhabi.

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    DNV publishes CO2 pipeline guidance


    DNV has published new procedures to provide the required safety level in transporting CO2 via pipelines and strengthen the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

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    The 2021 US Merchant CO2 Report


    Last year was burdened with carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) shortages brought on by the Covid pandemic and resulting impact on the US economy, causing ethanol CO 2 sources to be temporarily idled or closed. In addition, regional variations affected the West and East coasts more. This situation was ...

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    Home run for dry ice


    Dry ice has never been in the news as much since the development of the Covid-19 vaccine last summer. But it is not only dry ice’s role in the storage and distribution of vaccines that has seen it in increasing demand.

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    Meeting an urgent demand


    The pandemic has driven the demand for dry ice sky-high. As it is odorless, non-poisonous, non-flammable, and very cold (-109° F / -78°C), this form of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is well-suited for use in two markets impacted by the Covid crisis ­— food delivery and pharmaceuticals. As the ...

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    Putting the vaccine on ice


    Gene Cooke admits it was ‘truly fortuitous’ that Cold Jet completed an expansion of its main manufacturing facility just before the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, which has helped the Loveland, Ohio-based company keep pace with a fivefold increase in its machines that make dry ice.

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    Steps to capture economic viability


    When Elon Musk revealed details about a $100m prize for innovators who aid the development of carbon dioxide removal technologies, it created some interest at Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) for a good reason.

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    Devices to keep you ice and safe


    To ensure safe handling of dry ice used in the transportation of coronavirus vaccines on flights around the US, safety monitors such as those from Analox have been increasingly deployed. Analox Americas, which is based in Huntington Beach, California, has played its part to help ensure a smooth and safe ...

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    Actions to meet increased demand


    A lot has been going on at Kaplan Industries in the last year, and gasworld US caught up with Bud Allen and Devon Goodman to get a better understanding of the Ohio-based company’s recent developments, such as a new facility to help meet increased demand. Kaplan has expanded its extraction ...

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    Finding the new normal


    Like many other companies in North America, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) specialist Salof has adapted its business operations due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). Based in Texas, one of the worst hit states at the time of publication, Salof has played its part by supplying liquid and dry ice ...

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    Working safely with dry ice


    CO2Meter, Inc. has long been recognised as a leader in providing CO2 safety resources and gas detection solutions, worldwide. With the increased demand for dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) to store the Covid-19 vaccine, it comes as no surprise that CO2Meter took the lead in establishing standards for dry ice ...

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    Growing demand for CO2 supply


    A new carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) supply challenge has emerged and Weldcoa is quickly becoming a beneficial solution to a new group of active, growing industries in need of a large volume supply of CO 2 to their equipment. These include, but are not limited to, controlled atmosphere ...

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    Living up to the promise of asset management


    Within the packaged gas industry, distributors have been conditioned to regard asset management as the method for uniquely identifying cylinders (bar code label or RF tag) for these two specific purposes: clarity for detailed customer billing/collections, and enhancing cylinder fleet utilisation.