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    UK Govt reveals £375m support package to strengthen energy security


    The UK Government has launched a £375m support package consisting of funding for innovative energy technologies that aim to strengthen the nation’s energy security.

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    Pressures ease on CO2 sources


    The carbon dioxide (CO2) industry relies mostly on by-product sources, the largest sector from fermentation which relies in turn on the gasoline market. Also, by-product from ammonia and reformer operations are two additional major by-product sectors.

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    Challenges and opportunities for cannabis industry


    For the last few years, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding medically available options from the cannabis industry. Further, it becomes more obvious and impressive to find the number of locations where legal cannabis products are offered, many of which are controlled under the auspices of recreational ...

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    Cannabis: Still the biggest opportunity for CO2 in the US


    The growth of the cannabis market is the biggest expansion in the carbon dioxide (CO2) business in recent years and still the biggest area of opportunity going forward, according to Josh Pringle, Vice-President of Business Development and Operations for CO2 Meter.

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    Energy transitions – putting carbon in its place


    MicroSeismic, Inc. (MSI) was founded in 2003 with a mission to bring passive seismic technology to the oilfield. Our vision was to apply the technology to issues such as wellbore stability, monitoring of carbon capture (CO2) sequestration, development of enhanced geothermal systems, induced seismicity by disposal wells, hydrocarbon production, and ...

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    CO2GRO: Enriching protected growth with a ‘magic’ CO2 mist


    In the US, the food and beverage sector continues to be the greatest user of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to Maura Garvey of Intelligas Consulting. Whether used for creating a fizz in your favorite tipple, creating suitable food packaging environment or utilized for agricultural purposes, demand for the widely used ...

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    CCG, Kent join forces to advance green transition


    Geoscience technology company CGG has signed an agreement with energy services engineering firm Kent to drive forward the emerging transition through the development of decarbonisation opportunities.

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    New IPCC report underscores ‘critical’ role of carbon capture in meeting climate goals


    In a report released yesterday, April 5th, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reaffirmed the importance of carbon capture and removal in meeting 2050 climate goals as set out by the Paris Agreement.

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    Green partnership aims to develop 1000km CO2 transport network across Europe


    Leading transmission system operator OGE is working with green hydrogen company Tree Energy Solutions (TES) on the installation of a carbon dioxide (CO2) transport pipeline which will be re-used in a circular closed-loop system as a carrier to transport green hydrogen to be used in other industries.

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    GAWDA SMC: CO2 opportunity will exceed supply


    Brad Dunn, Executive Vice-President of CK Supply, this morning told GAWDA Spring Management Conference (SMC) attendees that “allocations, surcharges and delivery delays may become more common in the carbon dioxide (CO2) market, and that opportunity is going to exceed supply.”

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    NSHD advances energy transition with green vision


    One of the world’s largest industrial, electronic, and medical gas providers, the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group (NSHD), has laid out its future vision for a more sustainable society.

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    KOGAS, Sempra join forces for low-carbon future


    South Korean state-run gas company Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) has signed a deal with US energy firm Sempra Infrastructure (Sempra) that will see the partners teaming up to advance decarbonisation initiatives.

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    Air Liquide, EQIOM collaborate on €150m carbon-neutral cement plant


    Industrial gases specialist Air Liquide will support the decarbonisation of a cement production plant in Lumbres, France, owned and operated by construction firm EQIOM.

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    Enabling a carbon-neutral world


    An interview with Nippon Sanso Holdings, exclusively for gasworld by Rob Cockerill.

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    Aberdeen university ‘revolutionising’ energy transition with plasma tech


    A project is to be undertaken by scientists at the University of Aberdeen that aims to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into hydrocarbons using a plasma electrolyser.

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    Swarovski signs five-year CO2 removal deal with Climeworks


    International jewellery company Swarovski is accelerating its plan to reduce, offset and remove carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its industrial processes following the signing of a five-year agreement with carbon capture specialist Climeworks.

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    HYCO1 tests ‘groundbreaking’ CO2 conversion tech


    Carbontech company HYCO1 has announced the successful completion of testing for its carbon dioxide (CO2) waste emission conversion technology.

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    ‘Breakthrough’ carbon capture tech slashes costs


    A new modular carbon capture system created by Belfast-based MOF Technologies could ‘revolutionise the world of carbon capture’, according to its developers.

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    Xebec, Summit in $100m deal for ‘world’s largest’ CCS project


    Sustainable gas technology manufacturer Xebec Adsorption Inc. (Xebec) will supply 51 carbon dioxide (CO2) reciprocating compression packages to SCS Carbon Removal LLC (SCS) – a subsidiary of Summit Carbon Solutions – to be used for what could become the world’s largest carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, the Midwest Carbon ...

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    Ukraine war: Impact on industrial gas markets


    Now more one full month into the war in Ukraine and with the conflict having escalated significantly in the last fortnight, the impact on trade, economies and the world as a whole is widespread.