Over 60,000,000 cylinders sold, without a single catastrophic cylinder failure due to material or workmanship. This is Catalina Cylinders’ flawless safety record.

This dedication to quality helps keep the compressed gas industry safe, and this dedication is what helps Catalina’s customers sleep at night. At the end of the day, this is what really matters.

Catalina Cylinders Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high and low pressure aluminium compressed gas cylinders. With production facilities on the East and West coasts of the US, Catalina and its distributors are currently supplying over 100 countries.

Catalina’s alumnium cylinders store gases for a wide variety of applications including medical oxygen, food and beverage grade carbon dioxide (CO2), SCUBA, fire and rescue, alternative fuel, specialty and calibration gas, as well as ultra-high purity gases for electronics manufacturing.

10-year retest cycles

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has adopted United Nations (UN) standards into 49 CFR Parts 171-180, which means UN ISO7866 qualified aluminium medical oxygen cylinders can be used in DOT-3AL markets and applications.

The DOT’s adoption of UN standards has been a milestone for aluminium medical oxygen cylinders primarily because UN ISO7866 standards allow for 10-year retest cycles, which is double the retest cycle of DOT-3AL aluminium medical oxygen cylinders.

Increasing the retest cycle from five years to 10 years can provide significant cost savings for customers. Aluminium cylinders often remain in service for decades, so the time and expense of pulling cylinders out of service, retesting, and reintegrating into operations can add up over the life of the product. Catalina’s UN ISO7866 cylinders significantly cut costs for customers by reducing this retest frequency.

Another important feature of UN ISO7866 qualification is the ability to fill the same cylinder in DOT-3AL regulated markets, as well as in markets governed by ISO7866. This flexiblity helps customers cut costs by allowing the transfer of cylinder assets across borders.

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Asset control with DuragrafixTM

While UN ISO7866 cylinders can be identified by their distinctive three-row crown marking, the allowable 10-year retest cycle may often go unnoticed in fast-paced fill and retest environments.

Catalina’s proprietary DuragrafixTM process allows for customer logos, multi-coloured graphics and label information to be stored in the clear coat on the exterior of the cylinder.

To simplify asset control for fill and retest operators in the field, Catalina uses its proprietary DuragrafixTM process for marking UN ISO7866 medical cylinders with labels that clearly designate them for 10-year retest.

No-Roll Carry HandleTM (NRCH)

Overturned, rolling cylinders pose a safety risk for hospitals and oxygen patients. Most valve protective carry handles add convenience in cylinder handling while helping to also protect the cylinder valve.

The new and innovative cubed design of Catalina’s No-Roll Carry HandleTM (patent pending) has the added feature of helping prohibit overturned cylinders from rolling around hospitals or the homes of homecare patients. This added safety feature is another symbol of Catalina’s dedication to producing safe, high quality products for its customers.

World Class Products. First Class ServiceTM

Catalina Cylinders has been producing aluminium high and low pressure gas cylinders for over 30 years, and today is a leading, world-class supplier in its various markets.

Vice-President and General Manager Rick Hill states that, “Catalina has been enjoying significant growth year-over-year, primarily by listening to our customers and striving to provide them with unparalleled quality and customer service.”

“We’re innovating solutions for customers with heavy emphasis on medical, beverage, electronics, specialty gas and alternative fuel applications. Ultimately, our goal is to help customers cut costs and stay safe.”

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