Unprecedented rising raw material costs have forced Cavagna to raise prices by 10 per cent on all product lines with brass and zinc content.

According to the company the cost of brass and zinc materials have been on the rise since January 2005. These increases have reached unprecedented levels in 2006 and have increased by nearly 28 per cent since the company\\$quot;s last price adjustment on 1 April 2006.

David S. Ellis, director of sales and marketing said: \\$quot;Our continued efforts to neutralise raw material increases through improved operational efficiencies are simply outpaced by the rising material costs.\\$quot;

A price increase of 10 per cent will apply to brass valves and equipment and Cavagna\\$quot;s complete range of natural gas and LPG regulators, effective 1 June 2006. All shipments scheduled on or after 1 June will be affected by the increase.

Questions and inquiries concerning this announcement can be directed to customer service at 1-732-469-2100.