In June of this year MVE-Chart celebrated 50 years of operations at the New Prague, Minnesota, facility, a cornerstone of Chart’s Distribution & Storage Group (D&S).

In 1963 Minnesota Valley Engineering (MVE) began as a start-up company in New Prague for the purpose of building a better LN2 container for freezing cattle semen to serve the new artificial insemination (AI) market. After three decades of working to expand its lines to include packaged gas, bulk, vacuum insulated pipe (VIP), and mobile gas products, MVE joined forces with Chart in 1999, and since then the Chart D&S Group has stretched across the globe.

Chart is proud that its Distribution & Storage Group has introduced the world to significant developments with many innovative products, including: the stainless steel and durable liquid cylinder; bulk customer stations; CryoBiological freezers; VIP; bulk CO2 and syrup tank systems for restaurants; the Trifecta® for high-pressure nitrogen supply in laser assist gas; the first fueling station, vehicle tanks, and dispensing system for LNG as an alternative fuel to diesel; and even the original MicroBulk delivery system for the gas distributor market with its Orca® and Perma-Cyl® products. Although the overall organisation has developed over the years, Chart D&S has never lost sight of its fundamental commitment to customers and users of its products: Innovation. Experience. Performance. ®

Chart attributes much of the success of the New Prague operation to our loyal customers and hard-working employees. Chart thanks you for the last 50 years and we look forward to working with you in Minnesota, and our other world-wide locations, for many more years to come.