LOCKHOUSE is a cloud registration system for portable assets that enables you to send critical information to your customers; and allows them to communicate with you instantly about lost or damaged assets in the field. 

When you register your assets with LOCKHOUSE, you upload important inspection, safety, and other asset data to a cloud server, which is instantly accessible to anyone with an internet-connected mobile or desktop device. You can customize or privatize your user interfaces as you see fit for employees or customers. 

Registration allows you to better enable inspections, answer customer service questions, give product instructions, distribute recall information and more by sending critical information and updates to users in real time. 

Each time a user accesses the asset information, LOCKHOUSE geolocates it and helps the asset owner incentivize the user to communicate if the asset is in need of repair or recovery - i.e., not where it is supposed to be - better enabling crowd-sourced recovery of assets.