Weldcoa manufacturers anything that has to do with the filling, transporting or storage of compressed gas cylinders.  From a global perspective Weldcoa is the only true A to Z supplier of Gas Cylinder Fill Facilities and Equipment.  The company is the largest North American manufacturer of palletised equipment. Its automated cylinder fill systems are the most technologically advanced, commercially available, equipment in the world.

Weldcoa provides its clients with complete turnkey solutions. This includes; design, manufacture installation, training and long term support. The product line includes but is not limited to: cylinder filling facilities; palletised trucks and trailers, cylinder carts, mobile gas packs, liquid/industrial/medial/specialty gas filling systems automated and manual, cryogenic pumps, vaporisers and analytical lab equipment.

Weldcoa is a one stop shop for all things relating to the filling, transporting and storage of cylinder gases.