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    Sourcing industrial CO2 and the impacts of CCS


    gasworld TV’s latest webinar, CO2: Use It, Don’t Lose It, and Monitor, Part Two, saw industry specialists discuss a wide variety of topics relating to the use of carbon dioxide (CO2). Christopher Carson - Founder and Principal Director at Carbonic Solutions - gave an insight into sourcing CO2 and the ...

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    Carbon Clean raises $8m through CEMEX investment


    The UK’s largest carbon capture provider, Carbon Clean, announced today it has raised $8m from its new investor CEMEX as part of a new carbon capture project in Victorville, California, working alongside existing investors Equinor Ventures, ICOS Capital, and WAVE Equity Partners.

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    CO2: Use it, Don’t Lose it and Monitor, Part 2


    Following on from last week’s webinar, part two of gasworld TV’s two-part series saw Aquila Triventek, Carbonic Solutions, and Atlas Copco engage in discussions around the expanding CO2 industry.

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    CarbonCure: Policy is needed to make the most of CO2 in the concrete industry


    “We need policy makers to make policy, to reduce barriers so we can take carbon dioxide (CO2) and reuse it in a beneficial way to create value.”

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    TOMCO Systems: increasing the overall uses of captured CO2


    Gasworld TV’s latest webinar, CO2: Use It, Don’t Lose It and Monitor, Jeff Holyoak, Vice-President of Sales and Market Development, TOMCO Systems, talked about identifying new applications for carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon capture and increasing the overall uses of CO2.

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    National Carbon Capture Center completes first carbon utilisation tech test


    The National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama, USA, has announced the successful completion of its first demonstration of carbon utilisation technology.

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    CO2: Use it, Don’t Lose it and Monitor


    CO2 was the hot topic of conversation today, as gasworld TV heard insights from LogiCO2, TOMCO2 and CarbonCure in part one of its two-part webinar series, through which the expanding CO2 business, and how to stay safe within it, will be the focal point.

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    CarbonCure makes changes to its Board of Directors


    CarbonCure Technologies has appointed Lisa Bate and Michael Burke to its Board of Directors, and appointed its founder and CEO, Robert Niven, as Chair of the Board.

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    Canadian MP visits Carbon Upcycling’s low-carbon concrete site


    Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Greg McLean will today (19th July) tour the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC), owned by Carbon Upcycling Technologies.

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    Oxygen enriched burners, CO2 utilisation and mineralisation


    Technologies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cement and concrete in focus, with Stephen B. Harrison.

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    Lafarge to decarbonise its operations with Carbon Upcycling technology


    Lafarge Canada is looking to decarbonise the production of its concrete through the integration of Carbon Upcycling Technologies’ CO2-embedded concrete additive.

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    CarbonBuilt, US DOE produce low-carbon concrete from flue gas CO2


    A multi-week test has demonstrated that carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gas streams of natural gas- and coal-fired generating units can successfully be injected into concrete blocks to reduce carbon emissions.

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    Sulzer, Blue Planet unveil CCUS collaboration for greener cement


    Blue Planet is developing a new carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) system to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from a variety of high emitting industries such as power, steel, cement and refining.

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    New CCU technology to be trialled in California


    A new type of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technology will be implemented in a pilot installation at Lehigh’s Redding California cement facility, with an expected 60% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne of product.

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    CO2Concrete rebrands as CarbonBuilt


    CO2Concrete has rebranded as CarbonBuilt to better align its mission to store significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) in concrete used for the built environment.

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    Deep decarbonisation of cement production


    Some industries are considered ‘difficult to decarbonise’. Iron and steelmaking is one example. Cement is another. Yet oxyfuel burner technology and hydrogen electrolysers are showing the way, writes Stephen B. Harrison in an exclusive for gasworld.

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    Mitsubishi and Carbon Direct invest in CarbonCure


    Canadian cleantech company CarbonCure has announced Mitsubishi Corporation and Carbon Direct as new investors, representing increased commitment to tackling the carbon footprint of concrete.

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    The CO2 business in 2021


    Here we are, deep into the Covid-19 infection, which has in some ways helped some industries and crippled others. When thinking of carbon dioxide (CO2) sources and activities this year, I projected growth among many industries to be about 3% this year. We have a number of industries which may ...

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    Cemex and Carbon Upcycling partner


    CEMEX and Carbon Upcycling are working together to improve the processing of residue or by-products of industrial processes by capturing CO2 emissions to produce nanomaterials.

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    Amazon invests in CarbonCure Technologies


    Canadian cleantech company CarbonCure Technologies has announced an investment by leading technology and property developers, representing a commitment to tackling the carbon footprint of concrete.