Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Rutherford Appleton Lab near Oxford, England, played host to this year’s Cryogenic Cluster Day – which has been described as well attended and a success. 

Attendees of the fourth cluster day of its’ kind were treated to a variety of presentations on various subjects. From his special vantage point, John Raquet, owner of Spiritus Consulting and gasworld & CryoGas magazines, presented a formidable analysis of the industrial gas business, with a special update on helium supplies from the US - forewarning of the Government shutdown there.

Phil Pritchard, Founder of Deep Sea Recovery and Inventor of Controlled Buoyancy Systems, then took the audience through the fascinating story of his business, harnessing the buoyancy from vaporising liquid cryogens - with an intriguing animation illustrating a ‘subsea forklift’ assembling an underwater pipeline.

In the afternoon session chaired by David Cooke from Thames Cryogenics, Paul Maynard gave a memorable talk on the lethal dangers of asphyxiation in depleted oxygen conditions, highlighting the need for procedures, training and appropriate equipment - his firm Quantum being able to supply monitoring and alarms.

Cluster Day Delegates also had the option of a short lab visit.