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  • TrackAbout Logo Conferences
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    TrackAbout is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to track, manage, maintain and optionally rent gas cylinders. Barcodes or RFID tags are used to collect data with rugged handheld scanners, smartphones or tablets. Dynamic fields and forms may be easily added to support a company’s unique workflows. TrackAbout integrates all of this ...

  • Union Engineering Logo
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    BOOTH 07 - Union Engineering


    Union Engineering is world-leading in CO2 technology, designing and manufacturing CO2 plants for the beverage industry, for industrial gases companies, for desalination projects, Oil Gas applications and for the tobacco industry. Headquartered in Fredericia, Denmark, Union Engineering has 260 employees with subsidiaries in Brazil, China and the ...

  • Smith pumps logo
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    BOOTH 12 - Smith Precision Pumps & Nebimak


    Smith Precision Products Company has been the global leader in liquefied gas transfer since 1938, manufacturing a wide array of positive displacement pumps, bypass valves, and strainers. For over 60 years, the company has provided liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) pumps for low pressure applications such as bulk transfer, trailer loading/unloading, ...

  • Unisensor logo
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    BOOTH 06 - Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH


    GROUNDBREAKING TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS MADE IN GERMANY UNISENSOR GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative technologies for process analytics and the quality control of gases, liquids and solids. The company provides cutting-edge products that set new standards in high speed and precise automated process inspection and quality control. Its product portfolio ...

  • IGPH group
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    iGAS Technology Solutions, in partnership with Filltech, Aeroflex, Krytem and M-tech have been successfully providing cylinder-filling technology for the past decade, utilising combined expertise. The members of The Industrial Gas Project House each bring elements of the total solution, which can be either integrated into a turnkey total system solution ...

  • Hale and Hamilton logo
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    Hale Hamilton (Valves) Limited (HH) is a leading manufacturer of equipment for cylinder filling, high pressure gas distribution and gas pressure reduction applications for the industrial gas market. HH’s cylinder filling systems can make the difference for clients seeking excellent productivity and quality in their cylinder filling operations. ...

  • VRV Logo
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    BOOTH 01 - VRV


    Created in 1956, VRV is a leading multinational Group with expertise in the design and manufacture of highly engineered pressure equipment. VRV’s Cryogenic Division produces a comprehensive range of products and services dedicated to the design and fabrication of state-of-the-art vacuum insulated tanks for the distribution and storage of cryogenic ...

  • Airgas truck
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    Business Intelligence Financial - Airgas - Q1 2015


    gas world’s Business Intelligence provides you with the latest analysis of the Tier 1 quarterly earnings reports.

  • Dollar sign finance green
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    Business Intelligence Financial - Praxair - Q1 2015


    gas world’s Business Intelligence provides you with the latest analysis of the Tier 1 quarterly earnings reports.

  • Air-Products-ASU
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    Business Intelligence Financial - Air Products - Q1 2015


    gas world’s Business Intelligence provides you with the latest analysis of the Tier 1 quarterly earnings reports.

  • Linde liquid helium
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    Business Intelligence Financial - Linde - Q1 2015


    gas world’s Business Intelligence provides you with the latest analysis of the Tier 1 quarterly earnings reports.

  • Air Liquide Blue Hydrogen
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    Business Intelligence Financial - Air Liquide - Q1 2015


    gas world’s Business Intelligence provides you with the latest analysis of the Tier 1 quarterly earnings reports.

  • 201506 gasworld june issue 121
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    Issue 121 June 2015


    Hydrogen – often described as the ‘key refinery enabler’ on one hand, and a solution to a diversified energy future on the other. Sourcing hydrogen can be difficult, but there are ways to free it, and the June issue of gasworld magazine explores this across both clean fuels and refinery ...

  • 201506 cryogas june issue
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    CryoGas June 2015, Vol. 53, No. 06


    Among industrial gas and welding hardgoods distributors, the strong common theme across all regions in North America is the razor-sharp focus that each places on customer service. In the intensely competitive world of industrial, medical, and specialty gas sales, the winning strategy for each of these players is centered on ...

  • presentations
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    Europe 2015 Conference Presentations


    Thank you for attending the Europe Industrial Gas Conference in Budapest. We hope that you found the two days of conference interesting and rewarding to your business. This page has been created exclusively for conference delegates to enable them to download the presentations from the event. We ask that ...

  • Supplement 05 may 2015
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    Issue 120 May Supplement 2015


    Over the coming pages gas world explores the trends and technologies in the cryogenic equipment business, an area of the industry with a particular verve right now, largely thanks to the continued rise in LNG.

  • 201505 gasworld may issue 120
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    Issue 120 May 2015


    Distributive LNG; China - A huge market in waiting; LNG and CO2 - What impact?; M A, East Europe, Hale Hamilton

  • john raquet
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    John Raquet


    gas world

  • jon trembley
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    Jon Trembley


    Air Products PLC

  • michael ayres
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    Michael Ayres


    Dearman Engine Company