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    Business Intelligence Financial - Airgas - Q4 2015


    gas world’s Business Intelligence provides you with the latest analysis of the Tier 1 quarterly earnings reports.

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    Specialty Gas Spotlight

    Providing a fortnightly summary of the latest news from the high-growth global specialty gases business, carefully divided into two regions – the Americas and Rest of the World.

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    gasworld North America Bulletin

    Providing a weekly bulletin dedicated to the must-read industrial gas news from the largest regional industrial gas market in the world, North America. Includes carefully selected Editor’s Picks.

  • weekly bulletin newsletter
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    gasworld Weekly Bulletin

    Providing a weekly bulletin of the must-read global industrial gas news, including the carefully selected Editor’s Picks, this week’s free feature, and the latest updates from gas world.

  • Q1 2016 SGR magazine
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    Specialty Gas Report Supplement – First Quarter 2016


    The perfect companion to CryoGas International’s February focus on manufacturing, the first quarter 2016 edition of Specialty Gas Report looks at the more specific gas demands of the manufacturing sector – and the challenges faced by the specialty gas and equipment business.

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    Bulk Gases & Transportation


    Bulk gases are big business, and the transportation of those loads is often an even bigger challenge. From the changing landscape of cryogenic tank and trailer manufacture to supply chain management, gas world US Edition has it all covered this December.

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    Leisure Gases & Equipment


    Industrial gases and equipment are inescapable, all around us in so many applications that we may not even realise at times. This November gas world pays homage to the gases and equipment used in leisure activities – from CO2 in beverages and drinks dispense and diving gases, to dry ice ...

  • feb 2016cryogasfeb
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    CryoGas February 2016, Vol. 54, No. 02


    From applications in composite manufacturing to trends in fabrication, energy efficiency in manufacturing, and the necessary bulk supply equipment and technologies, CryoGas International’s February 2016 edition explores what’s new in the North American manufacturing business in 2016.

  • feb 2016 gasworld mag
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    Issue 129 February 2016


    Packaged gases are a fundamental part of the supply chain, representing as much as 40% of global industrial gas delivery. This cornerstone of the business is gas world’s focus this February, exploring cylinder filling and distribution, advances in cylinder technology and testing, increasing productivity in packaged gases, and much ...

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    Gas Report: Brazil Sample


    gasworld Business Intelligence is pleased to annouce the first in its series of South American industrial gas market reports - Brazil. 

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    Issue 128, January 2016


    gas world’s January 2016 issue examines the precariously balanced global helium business. From the challenges ahead in the market to helium recovery technologies, gas world has helium firmly covered this January. With shortages in the market widely expected again in the coming years, make sure you are up-to-speed with the ...

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    CryoGas January 2016, Vol. 54, No. 01


    The trends we will be following in the year ahead are not necessarily hard to spot, but understanding them and how to realise those opportunities is another thing. The January 2016 issue of CryoGas International delivers exactly that – insight into the Markets and Megatrends shaping the future of the ...

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    MENA 2015 Downloads


    Conference Presentations On the right you will see all of the presentations from gas world’s Conference. To download a file, simply click on it, and when the dialogue box appears, click ‘open’. You can then save it as a normal Powerpoint or PDF. You will notice that ...

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    Gas Report: United States Primer Report


    Following the recent acquisition of Airgas, by Air Liquide, gas world Business Intelligence is pleased to announce the publication of its US industrial gas market primer report. 

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    BOOTH 19 - Global Gases


    The Global Gases Group, head quartered at Dubai (UAE) is an expanding company supplying a portfolio of products for customers expecting extremely high levels of service and support including: A comprehensive portfolio of pure gases, diving gases, specialised welding gases and Nitrogen purge/leak test solutions, all servicing the manufacturing ...

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    Specialty Gas Report Supplement - Fourth Quarter 2015


    Requirements for the detection and analysis of a growing list of compounds are boosting specialty gas and equipment sales in environmental markets. From greenhouse gases from biofuel crops to glass emissions control and monitoring, the Q4 edition of Specialty Gas Report has it covered.

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    Issue 127 December 2015


    At the heart of industrial gas demand are the basic industries. gasworld’s December issue explores some of the challenges facing these huge industries, from the effects of long-term turmoil in the crude oil market to ongoing woes in the steel sector and the industrial gas demands as a result of ...