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    BOOTH 31 - Orthodyne


    From its base in Alleur, Belgium and with a workforce of around 50 people, Orthodyne exports around 95% of its production all over the world via national sales and support agents on every continent – and works in cooperation with all major producers and suppliers of industrial gas throughout the ...

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    BOOTH 03 & 04 - Cold Jet & VBS


    Cold Jet With more than 29 years of experience, Cold Jet is the leading global provider of high capacity, quality on-site dry ice manufacturing equipment, serving both industrial gas and end-user companies around the world. Cold Jet’s dry ice production equipment has been engineered to extrude the highest density ...

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    BOOTH 21 - Shell N Tube & DataOnline


    SHELL-N-TUBE (SNT) is SOLUTION PROVIDER to Cryogenic Industries since 1987, linking producers users of Industrial Medical Gases. SNT facilitates interface between the two through manufacturing Marketing following Cryogenic Equipment Services: · Cryogenic Tanks · Vacuum Insulated Pipelines · ...

  • July cryo gas digital image magazine
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    CryoGas July 2015, Vol. 53, No. 07


    With manufacturing markets representing between 65-70 percent of the gas demand in the US, “Made in America” is important topic to the industrial gas industry. We see three major factors driving a manufacturing comeback in North America — reshoring, automation, and additive manufacturing. In this issue, which examine how each ...

  • july magazine mockup
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    Issue 122 July 2015


    From ‘climate killer’ to all-rounder, gas world’s focus this July is on the carbon dioxide (CO2) business – including the market in 2015, applications and technologies, developments in CO2 compressors, and energised solutions for hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

  • INOXCVA logo
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    BOOTH 37 & 38 - INOXCVA


    INOXCVA offers one of the world’s widest ranges of products and services across the cryogenic value chain, and is committed to offering significantly higher value to its customer base across this industry segment. In the industrial gases industry, the company is focused on the design, manufacture and supply ...

  • Demaco
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    BOOTH 39 - Demaco


    DeMaCo is a full service international operating cryo integrator with the capabilities of (pre)-engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, packing, delivery, installation and commissioning of integrated cryogenic systems for liquid gases such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, LNG, hydrogen, helium and krypton/xenon, including conditioning equipment and applications. Their scope ranges for ...

  • Mack Valves Logo
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    BOOTH 35 - Mack Valves


    Established in Australia in 1939, Mack Vales is a leading provider of industrial gas and cryogenic valves in the Asia Pacific region. Mack offers the comprehensive range of valves used on cryogenic tanks and tankers and its cryogenic valve products include globe and ball valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, ...

  • Isisan Logo
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    ISISAN has been serving its customers on the field of energy for half a decade by pressure vessels and process tanks. The success story of ISISAN started by the standard products like a heat exchanger, hot water boilers, etc. In 1980’s, ISISAN focused on the production of special pressure vessels ...

  • herose-logo
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    Herose GmbH is a key worldwide manufacturer of valves for cryogenic applications within the industrial gas and LNG storage, distribution, plant and shipping sectors. Benefiting from over 140 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of valves, Herose strives to provide customers with technical solutions that exceed industry standards. ...

  • PDC Machines logo
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    BOOTH 42 - PDC Machines


    PDC Machines designs and manufacturers metallic diaphragm compressors engineered for ultra-high purity compression of all rare, hazardous; toxic, pyrophoric, explosive and industrial gases and gas mixtures. The compressor units are in use around the world, providing dependable, efficient, and contamination-free gas compression service to a variety of industrial gas, research, ...

  • FNF
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    BOOTH 41 - FNF Gas Technology Products Pvt. Ltd


    FIBA New Field Gas Technology Products Pvt Ltd located In Gujarat, India, for your complete range of required products in Storage and Transportation of Cryogenic Liquids including Vaporizers, Pumps, Vacuum Jacketed Piping, Turnkey projects of Cylinder Refilling Station and Re-gasification ( Back-up ) System etc. Our company also is ...

  • Karbonsan logo
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    Karbonsan Pressure Vessels Co. is proud to be one of the leading pressure vessel manufacturers, which has expanded to more than 50 countries across all corners of the world within a short course of time. This is thanks to customer satisfaction, all based upon high quality service and understanding, which ...

  • Cryolor logo
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    BOOTH 28 - Cryolor


    CRYOLOR SA is part of the Air Liquide Group and is based near Metz in eastern France, close to the centre of the European market. Cryolor’s second design and manufacturing center is in the Asia/ Middle-East region through a factory in Chennai, Southern India which supports markets in Asia and ...

  • Cryostar logo
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    CRYOSTAR SAS is one of the pioneers in the design and manufacture of cryogenic equipment. It started its activity in 1967 with liquefied gas distribution pumps manufacturing – a product range that rapidly extended to process pumps and turbo expanders for air separation units. Progressively, Cryostar entered into other ...

  • Chart logo
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    BOOTH 25 - Chart Ferox A.S


    You may never use the products we make, but everyone uses the products we make possible. Our focus is cryogenics. Chart is a recognised global brand for the design and manufacture of highly engineered cryogenic solutions used from the beginning to the end in the liquid gas supply chain. ...

  • cryogas industries logo
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    Cryogas Industries Group was established in 1996 in India. The Group is dedicated and focussed to design, engineering, manufacture, test, supply, install and commission different sizes and types of specialized Cryogenic Equipment, Cryogenic Storage Transport Tanks, Industrial Gas Filling Stations, Industrial Gas Back-up Supply Systems, Turnkey Contracts, Cryogenic ...

  • Orange Research logo
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    Orange Research is a world leader in level indicators, gauges and transmitters for the cryogenic tank market. We design and build our level gauges transmitters for bulk, micro-bulk, LNG, ISO, CO2 and beverage tanks. Our rugged tank monitors allow for local remote monitoring of tank contents. ...

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  • Servomex logo
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    BOOTH 09 - Servomex


    Servomex is the world expert in gas analysis – the leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to global industries. As an acknowledged innovator in gas measurement technologies, Servomex has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of sensor and analyzer technologies for more ...