IceTech A/S, the Denmark-based designers and manufacturers of high performance dry ice blasting equipment, has revealed the release of its COMBI 75 dry ice pellet production and dry ice blasting system.

The COMBI 75 facilitates the cleaning of items at several locations – all in one machine and with its use, the dry ice required will always be available in the exact quantity, at the exact location. The pelletizer unit can be set to automatically produce the quantity of dry ice pellets predefined on the blasting unit, automatically adapting its output to the dry ice consumption of the blasting unit.

The COMBI 75 is available with a distribution system faci¬litating the connection of several blasting guns, placed at different locations around the production facility.

As well as offering automatic dry ice production and use as either a stand-alone machine or integration as part of a larger automated system, the newly released unit offers a range of other functions. These include, a colour touch screen, password protection, online remote status and alarms, optional parallel control panel installation, optional distribution system with up to 10 blasting guns, and optional integration in plant control units and automation processes.

IceTech A/S was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture high-performance dry ice blasting equipment and has established a subsidiary in the US, aptly named IceTech America.