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  • issue207_comb

    Issue 207 July 2022 - Gas Analysis & Control


    This month we’re pushing the buttons in gas analysis and control and getting the read-out on the applications, requirements and technological breakthroughs pushing the envelope across the industry, from those at the sharp end of the business.

  • issue_206_comb

    Issue 206 June 2022 - Cryogenics


    Over a century since the pionnering work of Carl von Linde in refrigeration and liquefaction, and a new era is unfolding in cryogenics as it moves beyond the established science of cold. Advances are driving forward pharmaceuticals; cryogenics is key to the energy transition; and cryogenic distribution players are moving ...

  • issue205_comb

    Issue 205 May 2022 - Packaged Gases


    After the turmoil and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is now facing up to continued volatility in markets, economies and supply chains – disruption that is challenging the packaged gases business like never before. Delivering critical gases – and decarbonisation goals – is the name of the game ...

  • issue204comb

    Issue 204 April 2022 - Air gases


    It’s a human need and source of contention as old as civilisation itself: water. Inside this month we look at the very real question of water shortages, water wars and how we can address these growing concerns. We also explore how the air gases business can help with wastewater treatment.

  • issue203

    Issue 203 March 2022 - Hydrogen Issue


    From the key enabler in cleaning up refinery-driven fuels to a renewable green fuel for the future; hydrogen is certainly the nexus between our past, present and future energy sector. But what challenges lie ahead? How will we scale going forward? And what electrifying future awaits if we can meet ...

  • issue202_comb

    Issue 202 February 2022 - The CO2 Issue


    Is it time to look at CO2 through a new lens? Are we all doing that already? The narrative has seemingly shifted from negative to positive, with all the talk now around the business case and opportunities.

  • issue_201_january-min

    Issue 201 January 2022 - Helium Issue


    In a world exclusive, Air Products has announced a new helium storage cavern in Texas, the world’s largest and already fully operational. It’s part of a bright new era in the global helium business that we shine a spotlight on this month.

  • issue_200_gw

    Issue 200 December 2021 - Bulk Gases


    We celebrate 200 issues of gasworld magazine and everything it has become, but we also appraise the business of bulk gases today and the fusion of challenges and opportunities at the hands of the pandemic, digitisation and decarbonisation.

  • issue199_comb

    Issue 199 November 2021 - Food & Beverages


    Our theme this month is unmistakably food and beverages, but is it a case of glass half-full or half-empty for many right now? Regional CO2 supply concerns remain, while other headwinds continue to temper the optimism of growth.

  • issue_198

    Issue 198 October 2021 - Specialty Gases


    Specialty gases: a promised land for the gases industry and yet a nuanced market for good reason. This month we better understand why, with the latest in specialty gas trends and equipment from around the world.

  • glob_197

    Issue 197 September 2021 - LNG


    If there’s sea change ahead in our energy infrastructure and a number of clean fuel options in the mix, then what role will LNG play in that future, we ask this month.

  • issue_196_comb

    Issue 196 August 2021 - Medical gases


    In its June 2021 edition, gasworld published a news release issued by Hexagon Energy Materials regarding the Pedirka Blue Hydrogen Project in Australia’s Northern Territory. The Hexagon-issued release included prominent yet inaccurate references to Air Products, which Air Products refutes. gasworld apologises for this reporting error and is issuing this ...

  • issue195_comb

    Issue 195 July 2021 - Cryogenics


    The Covid-19 pandemic has not only opened the door on critical cryogenic capabilities in life sciences, but potentially also future opportunities in pharma and related markets

  • issue194_comb

    Issue 194 June 2021 - Gas analysis


    The more you can measure, the more you can analyse and, by extension, the more you can optimise. Gas analysis and control is key to safety and success in the gases industry, around the ASU, in the lab, inside the cylinders and beyond our industry into so many end-user applications. ...

  • issue193comb

    Issue 193 May 2021 - Air gases


    Once thought destined mainly for prototyping, additive manufacturing (AM) is now increasingly used across a range of applications. The medical sector has emerged as a major segment driving the growth of AM and in turn, industrial and specialty gases.

  • glob_192_april2020

    Issue 192 April 2021 - Packaged gases


    A glimpse of the future? State-of-the art robotics, carousel filling systems and Industry 4.0 technologies are transforming the cylinders business.

  • issue191_comb

    Issue 191 March 2021 - Hydrogen Issue


    From grey to green and via blue, the hydrogen sector is on a colourful journey from traditional applications to its role in truly deep decarbonisation and a greener future for all.

  • glob190_comb

    Issue 190 February 2021 - CO2 Issue


    Jet fuel – just one of many emerging applications for CO2 . The production of synthetic e-fuels from steam and CO2 on solid oxide electrolysers has the potential to become a mega-scale consumer of CO2 as drop-in replacements for jet fuel from crude oil.

  • glob_189_01_2021

    Issue 189 January 2021 - Helium


    This month we look at life through the lens of the globl helium business in 2021, a year of expected change geographically, as well as paying deference to other new normals in the year ahead – from unique opportunities to business resilience.

  • gw_glob_1220_comb

    Issue 188 December 2020 - Food & Beverages


    Dry ice brings together our two big talking points this month – our cover theme of Food Beverages and that hot topic unfolding in the realm of Covid-19 vaccines and the immense refrigeration rquirements of its storage and distribution around the world.