Promote your company in the Global Industrial Gas Directory and North America Buyer’s Guide!

The gasworld website houses the most interactive and versatile online directory that exists in the technical gases media. If you appear within our print global directory or print North America Buyer’s Guide, you will automatically be offered a free listing on our online gasworld global directory. Not only does the directory have the largest A-Z listing of companies (over 6,000) in our industry, it also has the most comprehensive listing of equipment and gas categories. We continue to drill down into the categories to fit the product profiles that exist as the gases industry evolves.

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Updated annually, these comprehensive directory and buyer’s guides are distributed both electronically and through post to industrial gas companies and some of the largest end-users. Distributed at industry events including gasworld’s own conferences, we estimate readership of these valuable tools at 6,000 decision makers worldwide.

Benefits of listing in the Directory or Buyer’s Guide:

  • Brand awareness within the industry’s only global directory which has a 12-month shelf-life, sent to and utilised by carefully selected key buyer’s and decision makers
  • Extended product profiling and exposure within the interactive online directory and buyer’s guide
  • Enhanced exposure through promotional options within both the online and hard copies
  • Choice of promotional tools within the online directory – including product profiling, web links and infomercials

Key categories include:

  • Gas Equipment – 143 product categories covering cryogenics, compressed gas equipment, gas production and welding technologies.
  • Gas Suppliers – Distinguishing between gas producers and gas distributors.
  • Gas Services – Those companies and associations that support and advise our industry.

Display advertising in the print directory

We also have a variety of display advertising options within the printed directory which, as an annual publication, have a shelf life of 12 months.

Premium Listing


  • Profile Page with Logo
  • 100 words (print), 500 (online)
  • 2 images
  • Logo in search results
  • Header and footer graphics
  • Hosted video and documents
  • Prominence over featured listings
  • Additional images
  • Highlighted featured print listing

Featured Listing


  • Profile Page with Logo
  • 100 words description
  • Company logo
  • 2 images
  • Web link
  • Logo in search results
  • Header and footer graphics
  • Prominence over enhanced listings
  • Featured print listing

Enhanced Listing

Online features

  • Company Name
  • 35 words description
  • Company logo
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Logo in search results
  • Prominence over standard listings

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