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    Considering women-owned business alternatives for aging gas distributor owners


    As more and more compressed gas distributor owners get closer to retirement age, they are faced with the decision to either pass ownership of their business to their children, relatives, or consider selling it.

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    Living up to the promise of asset management


    Within the packaged gas industry, distributors have been conditioned to regard asset management as the method for uniquely identifying cylinders (bar code label or RF tag) for these two specific purposes: clarity for detailed customer billing/collections, and enhancing cylinder fleet utilisation.

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    Growing demand for CO2 supply


    A new carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) supply challenge has emerged and Weldcoa is quickly becoming a beneficial solution to a new group of active, growing industries in need of a large volume supply of CO 2 to their equipment. These include, but are not limited to, controlled atmosphere ...

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    Growth expected to gain momentum in first quarter


    Welding hardgoods and industrial gas revenues improved in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2020 and growth is expected to pick up in Q1 this year, according to the latest results of the Baird/gasworld Welding and Industrial Gas Survey.

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    Help for your digital strategy


    In follow up to our article in the January edition, gasworld checked back in with Frank Kasnick, IWDC President and CEO, to see how their launch went and to get an update on this strategic project. As a reminder: IWDC’s Product Information Management (PIM) system is designed to supply IWDC ...

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    Ratermann Manufacturing launches Women’s Roundtable


    A new women’s networking and professional growth group for gas distributors and association employees was launched by Marie Ratermann and Mary Carter of Ratermann in February.

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    Gas Masters to the rescue


    In 2020, for over 38 consecutive weeks, Weldcoa’s Gas Masters Team remotely trained and shared industry specific concepts related to fill plant operations to over 2,200 unique registrants in 11 different countries. In total, Weldcoa delivered 70 live webinars between April and December last year. 

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    Options and limitations with digital strategies


    Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 are behind us, and they revealed several staggering statistics. Black Friday in-store shopping tanked by 52% while online spending surged 22%. Cyber Monday sales were expected to reach $13bn – a 60% increase from 2019’s $7.8bn. Yes, the pandemic has driven the dramatic increase ...

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    Meritus Gas Partners, a new packaged gas distribution platform, is formed


    Gas Innovations and Atlas Welding Supply, in conjunction with a growth investment from AEA Investors’ Small Business Fund, have combined to form Meritus Gas Partners, a new packaged gas distribution platform.

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    Business picks up in third quarter


    Hardgoods and gas revenues improved in the third quarter (Q3), according to the latest results of the Baird/gasworld Welding and Industrial Gas Survey.

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    Covid-19 causes major slowdown, 18% revenue dip in April


    Baird/ gas world Welding and Industrial Gas Survey, Q2 2020

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    PurityPlus® update


    As IWDC’s specialty gas program enters its second decade, PurityPlus continues construction of a strong house resting on a well-planned and well-built foundation. More than 15 years ago, several influential IWDC (Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative) members and the staff organised a series of meetings to explore growth initiatives.

  • An eCommerce Strategy for Distributors

    DIY marketing


    Marketing is often misunderstood. To many it looks like an insurmountable mountain to climb with every possible view increasing in size, depth, the manpower to accomplish it.

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    Seizing the moment: M&A exclusive with Clairvest


    The industrial gas industry is at a crossroads, battered by both the macroeconomic back drop and factors specific to the industry, writes Doug Horn of Clairvest in an M A and business insight exclusive for gasworld.

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    Major milestones


    Longevity in the industrial gas industry allows companies to better serve their customer base and develop trust, while keeping up with trends in the market. To recognize some of those key players that have been serving the market throughout the years, gasworld takes a look at this year’s big birthdays. ...

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    Welding hardgoods expect 10% sales decline in Q2


    If business was bad in the first quarter (Q1) 2020, then expect figures to be worse in Q2, according to responses in the latest Baird/gasworld Q1 2020 Welding and Industrial Gas Survey.

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    The workforce is changing…


    Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and GenZ; are we all really as different as our own perceptions? Putting all of our ‘so called’ differences aside, each generation grew up with a different technology tool-set and a very different mind-set. It makes perfect sense then, that each generation learns in a ...

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    Q&A: Bill Proctor, nexAir


    Founded in 1940, nexAir serves as one of the largest privately-owned suppliers of high-quality industrial, specialty, medical and bulk gases, dry ice, welding equipment, welding supplies, and medical equipment in the US.

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    A data centric approach to smarter routing and logistics


    Making smart logistical decisions requires the convergence of agile software platforms, rich sources of operational data, and use of smartphone mobile devices to maximize bottom line results.

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    Weldcoa expands training services


    Weldcoa is hosting a series of training events through 2020, which began with the opportunity to develop a skill sets in specialty gas filling through classroom and hands-on instruction earlier this month.