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  • Telematics and digitisation

    A unique approach to software development


    A review of the 34 th Annual Computers Unlimited Users Group Conference, by Agnes H. Baker.

  • larry-davis

    Remodeling distribution


    AgoNow is a pure industrial wholesaler and channel solutions provider that partners with distributors/resellers and manufacturers to grow their businesses profitably. With headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company sells exclusively to distributors/resellers, including independent gases and welding companies.

  • medical market concept

    Everything you need to know about CGACB


    The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has formed a new entity, the CGA Certification Board LLC (CGACB), to offer certification services for industrial and medical gases industry personnel.

  • Global storage network

    Available resources


    Resources are available to help guide independent gases and welding distributors through these disruptive times. We asked Ken Thompson, as gas world contributor and person having experienced nearly five decades of supply chain changes, disruptions, and challenges, to share his thoughts on current circumstances, and just where the next evolution ...

  • cylinders

    5 Steps to cylinder handling safety


    Jemima Owen-Jones looks at five steps to cylinder handling safety, with insight from Harris Industrial Gases and Norris Cylinder Company.

  • Safety sign

    A spirit of participation


    Jack Butler, President and CEO of Butler Gas Products Co. Inc., has assumed the position of Chair for the Compressed Gas Association (CGA). In an exclusive interview, Jack Butler shares with gas world his business and safety philosophies and discusses how he plans to assist the industrial gas industry maintain ...

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    The distributor’s distributor


    Behind every successful independent industrial gas and welding distributor are other great distributors who provide the reliable supply of the vast range of goods and services required by industrial gas markets.

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    Carbon dioxide and the US distributor network


    For those who have been in the gases business for some years now, it is a fact of life that ever-fewer independent carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and gases distributors exist today than years ago; or for that matter much fewer than decades ago.

  • mobile intell

    The cost of digital automation is always approaching zero


    Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the effect of increased automation is to push costs down via greater efficiencies. With digital automation that combines economies of scale, advanced software and the information distribution power of the internet – per unit or per transaction costs are on a trajectory approaching ...

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    There is a new way to deliver high-pressure gas cylinders


    An interview with George Ratermann, by Jemima Owen-Jones.

  • Bar-code-on-a-blurred-background-with-some-highlights Distribution Distribution

    Maximizing efficiency and safety through asset tracking and monitoring


    So much of a distributor’s company’s value is tied up in cylinders, so you don’t want to be losing them!” expressed Eric Wise, CEO, Wise Telemetry.

  • Compliance Assessment word cloud business concept

    STEM: Education for future leadership


    “The history of industrial gases is a story that starts at the dawn of science and continues to today’s huge global industry, which plays a role in almost every area of life,” wrote historian Ebbe Almqvist.*

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    Safety: DOT compliance and loading dock safety


    Daily, thousands of compressed and liquefied gas cylinders are transported on specialized delivery vehicles all across the US and delivered to a wide diversity of private and public enterprises such as fabrication shops, job sites, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, R D, and medical facilities.

  • SafTCart | Revolution trailer

    New products for cylinders improve profitably


    For this month’s packaged gases issue, gas world US reached out to industry technology and equipment makers to learn about innovations that are helping to create greater efficiencies along the supply chain.

  • Roy G. Nichols_Gas Equipment Company

    10 minutes with...Roy G. Nichols


    Take 10 minutes out with Roy G. Nichols, Project Manager at the Gas Equipment Company, as he discusses the company’s roots, its main activities, and where GEC is currently investing its time and money.

  • Data concept business

    Controlling costs with vending solutions


    Companies are always looking for ways to be more efficient. Carefully controlling inventory is one very good way to do that.

  • Steve-Tarrant

    10 minutes with...Steve Tarrant


    Take 10 minutes out with Steve Tarrant, Bulk and Specialty Gas Manager at Weldstar, as he discusses the company’s role in the gases industry, observations on emerging markets, and the importance of custom solutions.

  • compass

    Managing periods of quiet


    Cryostar USA talks market lulls in distribution equipment and opportunities for realignment.

  • Generant logo 2016

    Generant develops Cryosauna controls


    For more than 75 years, Generant has been synonymous with the design and manufacture of innovative, high quality product solutions for pressure and flow control devices for liquids and gases. 

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    NA - News

    Tight helium/argon supply, reports Baird survey


    Economic activity has been good, demand is up across the board, and pricing improvements are helping returns, were some of the snapshots from the first quarter 2018 Baird Industrial Gas Survey.